Weekend Round Up

Oh my goodness. How is it already 10:00 on Sunday night? My weekend absolutely FLEW by again. I had an amazing weekend Up North with my family. I got to come up for a bit of an extended stay with appointments and changing my name. Honestly, SO many things have gone wrong for me this week, I’m happy I was home to deal with everything. However, I’m convinced my luck is turning around, because my weekend isn’t over yet! I’m actually here until Wednesday. My Uncle is running for sheriff and I’m staying home to vote in the primary. (If you’re in Manistee, be sure to head to the poles on Tuesday and vote for Johnny O!)

This weekend I got to catch two beautiful sunsets over Lake Michigan (the best place to watch a sunset in the whole entire world), go to the farmers market, walk at the Relay for Life, see a new movie (we saw the new Jason Bourne and it was awesome!) and enjoy a whole lot of time with my family. However, the coolest thing I did this weekend was help serve food at my Grandpa’s 53rd class reunion!! They had it at my grandparents house and my parents, aunts, uncles and cousins all cooked for them and served them food. It was beyond cool listening to them talk about their high school days. I feel so lucky to have been a part of something so special!

The only thing missing from my weekend was my sweet hubby. He was stuck at work. BOO.

I hope you all had a wonderful last day of July. Seriously though… I can’t believe I just wrote that! Where the heck has this summer gone?


PS- I’d also like to take this time to wish a VERY Happy Birthday to my favorite… Harry Potter ❤

IMG_3192IMG_3208IMG_3218IMG_3226IMG_3233IMG_3265IMG_3306IMG_3327 2IMG_3333


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