The Best of Summer 2016

Last night, Trev and I were laying in bed talking about how perfect our summer was. I think that might be why I’m trying SO HARD to hold on to summer this year. We had the best time laying there, talking about our favorite moments of this summer. It was so busy, but full of so many happy memories.

By far, June was our BEST month of the whole entire summer. 

I finished my very first Long Term Substitute position. I was so proud of the work I did, and how far along my students came from the time I started working with them in February until the end of the school year.

Picture of me, by one of my first graders. She even drew my half up top knot.  And my non existent Kylie Jenner Lips. 

Trevor finished out his school year on top with all his teams finishing off their seasons strong. (The girls lacrosse team even made it to the championships at the beginning of May!) He had a lot of challenges at work since January, and I was SO PROUD of how he handled them all.


Speaking of Trevor, he also turned the big 28. I keep teasing him that he’s going to need a walker before we know it 🙂


We spent the entire week of Trev’s birthday in Glen Arbor with all of our loved ones because two days after his birthday just so happened to be our…


WEDDING DAY! June 17th was HANDS DOWN the best day of our summer. It’s the day we stood in front of all the people we love most and committed to love each other until we are old and wrinkly.


And two days after that… we left for our HONEYMOON! Instead of going into a million more paragraphs about how perfect Banff was, I’m just going to refer you hereherehereherehereherehere and here. If you haven’t read any of these honeymoon blogs you HAVE to. Or at least you have to see the pictures. They all look a little something like this…


Oh! And I did something else this past June… I launched this blog! 

July was kind of like a month of “catch up” for us. We had been so busy all of June, we never really got a chance to stop and catch our breath. 

We celebrated one of my favorite holidays with bbqs, carnivals and fireworks.


We walked in a ton of parades to support my uncle who is running for sheriff.


We spent some time with both of our families, doing fun things. (Like this backyard zoo we saw with Trev’s parents.)


We finally got to go through all of our amazing wedding and shower gifts, and spend all of our gift cards!


And we relaxed a whole lot.

Image 215

Before we knew it, August was here. Our summer went by so dang fast! We did the best we could to make the most of what was left of our summer. 

We ate A LOT of ice cream… it got so hot here this past August! (And to be fair, it’s still 90 degrees outside and we’re almost two weeks into September.)


We tried out the newest Pirmanti Bros. near us.


We got to go back to our alma mater, and relive our college days.


We had a massive shrimp boil with my family.


We celebrated Trev’s grandma’s 90th birthday!


And, we caught as many summer sunsets as we could.


Ugh. I think now, it’s officially time for me to say goodbye to Summer 2016. You were so so so good to us, and we sure will miss you.


That being said… is it too early to start pulling out my fall decor?!

Have a FANTASTIC weekend everyone! It’s our last weekend to relax for awhile! After this weekend, we have a pretty packed schedule, but with SO MANY fun things!


2 thoughts on “The Best of Summer 2016

  1. Looks like you guys had a wonderful summer!! Mine was not really one for the books so I am hoping to make up for it with an awesome fall haha.


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