Weekend Roundup

I love love. There is no other way to put it. And when I get to spend a weekend celebrating the love of two people that I love so much, my heart ends up so dang happy!

Trev and I headed Up North after work on Friday for my cousin’s wedding and we were so excited! We’ve been looking forward to this weekend for what seems like FOREVER. A little back story… My cousin Matt met Lisa when they were in SIXTH grade. Yeah. You read that right. They were just friends (of course) until high school, when they fell in love. So Lisa has been a part of our family for years, but we’ve been so excited to make it official. It was a day that was quite literally YEARS in the making!

They had a beautiful catholic wedding at the church our families belong to, and their reception at a hall in town. They decorated it so beautifully and even had their own specialty drinks. Matt brewed a beer with a brewery in Northville, and Lisa made a cider with Douglas Valley Winery.  We spent the night drinking and dancing with our family, and we had the best time!

Everything else we did this weekend was not nearly as exciting as the wedding!

I hope you all had amazing weekends as well! I’m keeping this post short and sweet because The Emmy’s are starting! I just love award shows so much! If you need me, I’ll be on my couch cheering for Game of Thrones to win EVERYTHING.



PS… Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry! I had to take them off Facebook. Long story short, my iPhoto decided it didn’t want to work tonight, and I had ZERO patience to mess with it!

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