Fall Photography

Happy Friday Loves!
Ugh you guys. I am SO SORRY that this post didn’t go up last night like it was meant to! I had everything written and the pictures picked out, I get home from work to upload and our internet/cable was out. I was so irritated! So here it is, a day late.

Do you want to know what I love?? Having my picture taken. I know. Sounds super vain right? It’s not. My mom loves to take pictures, and I love to pose for all her crazy ideas because then I get bad ass Facebook Profile pics.

Every season, I find myself in front of her camera for a seasonal ‘photoshoot’. And I have to tell you, Fall is usually my favorite! There is just something about beautifully colored leaves that just make your photos POP. And fall weather lends itself to beautiful photos because it’s not quite as sunny as the summer time, and it’s not quite as cold as posing for pictures in the snow.
Here are my Top 10 tips for getting perfect fall photos. (PS… I am in NO WAY a professional. This is just what works for us. Please, take advice of professional photographers over me!)
  1. Location, Location, Location. It’s all about the perfect location. Want a cute and cozy photoshoot? Maybe you should try snuggling up by a fire. Maybe you’re looking to showcase those beautiful orange and red leaves. Find a place where there are plenty not only on the trees, but on the ground too. Also… you can never go wrong with a barn. Remember that.
  2. Choose an overcast day. If you don’t have to pick a date ahead of time, take your camera out on a day when it’s overcast. You (or your subjects) won’t be squinting, and you won’t have weird shadows all over your face.
  3. Your outfit can make or break the photo. Choose your outfit carefully. You want colors that compliment Mother Nature’s works of art, not clash with them. You also don’t want to completely blend in. No one wants to look like a floating head in a sea of red. Think natural colors for fall photographs!
  4. Grab your favorite accessory. And by accessory I mean your favorite person. Mine is my hubby. I drag him into these pictures ALL THE TIME. And luckily, he’s a really good sport about it.
  5. Throwing leaves is always a good idea. Not sure how to start off your fall photoshoot? Throw those leaves. Not only is it a blast, but it makes for great photos. Plus, if you’re a little  bit camera shy, playing in a giant leaf pile will help you to forget about the camera, and drop those nerves.
  6. Choose a theme. Think of your favorite fall thing… and boom. You’ve got a theme for your photoshoot. Love to go apple picking? Dress cute and head over to the apple orchard. A big fan of cozying up in a blanket as soon as the weather turns chilly? Cuddle on up and smile pretty.
  7. Posing is hard. Especially if there is more than one of you. So check out some pose ideas before you go on Pinterest. Just make sure you’re choosing poses that look and feel natural. This isn’t Vogue.
  8. Speaking of Pinterest…. Check out Pinterest for fall photography ideas. It might spark an idea of your own too.
  9. Use Props. If you have a sweet little baby, use props! If you ask me, there is absolutely NOTHING cuter than babies in pumpkins or swaddled in burlap and laying on hay. I mean seriously. NOTHING CUTER.
  10. Don’t try to be perfect. Whenever I want to perfectly recreate a photo I found on Pinterest or try too hard to look perfect, they NEVER come out. Be yourself and have fun. These type of pictures will be your favorite.
Here are some of my favorite fall photos my mom has captured over the past few years.

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