Weekend Roundup

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I feel like I say this every week but seriously, this weekend went so fast again! I spent it Up North relaxing with my family. I’ve been super stressed out lately, and a weekend of just straight chillin’ with my family (while Trev was at a bachelor party) was just what the doctor ordered. I’m feeling rested and ready to take on this super crazy week!

Friday night, they had strom from Big Al’s waiting for me when I got home. (They spoil me. I know.) On Saturday, my dad and I got up early to do some shopping. One of my favorite things about my parents is that they both have the biggest hearts. Every year at Christmas time, they use some of their Christmas bonus’ to buy toys for the local Toys for Tots collections. I always remember getting to help pick out toys for those that were less fortunate than me, and nothing made me happier than knowing we would completely fill at least one bin around town every year. It’s something that I hope I am able to do with my children some day too. This year, we did our shopping a little earlier. We had so much fun filling up the cart!


When we got home, I laid around with my mom, drinking peppermint mochas and watching Christmas movies. If you know anything about me, or have been reading my blog from the beginning, you’ll know Hallmark Christmas Movies are my mom and I’s obsession. Saturday turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL day. So my dad I and took the pups to play on the beach and do some stone searching. My dad actually found like 5 Petoskey Stones! He’s got a really good eye for them and can pick them up out of no where. Then Saturday night, we went to my Grandma’s for dinner with the whole family. There is nothing I love more than spontaneous dinner’s at my Grandma’s. It’s one of my favorite things on this planet.



They love the beach almost as much as me! 

I also got to see my Jacksy Cat! We’ve been missing him like CRAZY this past week. Our place just feels so quiet and empty without him. However, he loves it at my parent’s, so I know he’s happy so it makes it a little bit easier not having him here. He’s actually going to be there until Thanksgiving, and I was really really really sad when I had to say goodbye today. He however, was THRILLED that I was leaving him for some extra time at Lovie’s! Hahaha

He thinks he’s a dog now. He likes to go outside when the pups do. 

Leaving home was extra hard today, knowing that I was coming back to a packed up apartment. We are switching apartments Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. So don’t look for any blog posts those days! I just know that we’re going to be super busy trying to move everything and get our new place put together. However, I’ll be here tomorrow and Thursday too 🙂

I hope you all had just as wonderful of a weekend as I did! The weather was insanely beautiful (it’s not often we’re blessed with 70 degree November days in Michigan), and fall was in full swing! Plus… our Wolverines are officially 9-0! Say what? Oh and the Lions won today. It was a pretty great weekend to be in Michigan. (Unless you’re a State fan. Sorry about your luck. HAHA)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! It always takes me awhile to adjust to the time change, so I’m stoked that it’s going to feel like sleeping in an extra hour before work tomorrow still! 🙂


I always get so sad every year when the sand fences go up. It’s a sure sign that “WINTER IS COMING.”


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