Weekend Roundup

Ahhhh Sunday. So sad to see you come. I realize that we’ve just had an extra long weekend, but man, I’m SO not ready for it to be Monday tomorrow!

I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend! We spent it in Northern Michigan celebrating with my family. By the time it was all said and done, we ate 4 (yes that’s right… 4) Thanksgiving dinners. We did some Black Friday shopping, a whole lot of eating, and decorated my parent’s house for Christmas. But the highlight of my weekend?


Guys. I literally can’t believe how amazing it was to return to Stars Hollow! I loved, loved, loved, LOVED it. And those last four words… Holy Cow. I mean, they totally can’t leave it there. We gotta get another season people!

And can I request more Jess this time??

I hope you’re all home relaxing and enjoying your last day of freedom before getting back to the grind in the AM. I know for me, heading back to work after a long holiday break is extra hard.

Tomorrow I’m back for Mitten Monday and I’m talking about one of my absolute favorite, hometown Christmas traditions. I can’t wait to share it with you! And if you’re in the Mittten looking for something to do next weekend, you’re FOR SURE going to want to check it out!

Happy Sunday!


My parents were working on Wednesday so Trev and I went on a breakfast date to our favorite breakfast spot… The House of Flavors. 
Trev and I spent Wednesday afternoon baking. 
First Thanksgiving dinner of the weekend, with my parents. 
I made this pumpkin pie from scratch and I was so dang proud of it! 
Family photo. Jacksy Cat was THRILLED.
Friday we went Black Friday shopping, but we weren’t up early waiting in all the lines. We went to breakfast at Patisserie Amie first! 
Finished the weekend with Christmas movies and decorating my parent’s house for Christmas! 

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