Gift Guide: For Him

Who else has the hardest time shopping for the men in your life? Like seriously. They are SO MUCH HARDER to buy for! I honestly second guess most of the gifts I buy for guys, and sometimes, I totally give up and just give them a bottle of their favorite alcohol (which is so lame) and I know I’m not the only one. So, step out of the liquor isle, and into the light that is my Gift Guide for Him. I promise, these are all things the dudes you know will love! (They’ve even got Trev’s stamp of approval!)

The “Stylish yet Practical” Gift.
Boots. Everyone needs boots, especially when the weather turns chilly. These boots are on Trev’s wish list this year, and they are SO nice. Not only are they stylish, but they’re practical too during a long Michigan winter. The price is also great! (And guess what? The price is even better today because they are 30% off!!!! Go grab them now while you can!) Other men’s boots I think kind of rock? These Red Wing boots and these Uggs! (Yes, men can wear Uggs… just ask Tom Brady! But also, these don’t look like Uggs, and your guy will LOVE them.)

The “Outdoorsy” Gift. 
For the outdoor lover, why not something that will keep them warm? These Cabela’s puffer vests are the real deal guys! They are SO cushy and nice. I literally stop to touch them every time we’re at Cabela’s. (And honestly, most outdoorsy guys I know would be WAY more eager to throw on a vest from Cabela’s than one from J.Crew.) Other great options? This one from North Face and this one from Canada Goose.

The “Fool Proof” Gift.
For any man in your life, that you’re not really sure what to get, I say… you can’t go wrong with a Bose SoundLink. I got one for Trev last Christmas and it’s freaking amazing. You get the Bose name, without the typical Bose sticker price. It’s small, so it’s easy to move around, and the sound quality is insane. We use it all the time! And whoever you decide to buy it for will too!

The “Beer Connoisseur” Gift.
This is the gift for the Craft Beer Drinker in your life. It’s like collecting state quarters… but cooler. I know personally, Trev and I always save the caps of craft beers we drink while on vacation for the travel boxes we make. But how much cooler would it be to put them on a beer cap map?! I’ve linked the newest version of them made from steel! But the wood ones (pictured above) are just as cool and slightly cheaper.

The “Winter is Coming” Gift.
Winter is practically here, and everyone appreciates items that will keep them warm and snuggly through the long winter months. Enter… the Michigan Made Stormy Kromer hats. You guys, this brand is incredible, and if you’re never heard of them, you need to go check them out ASAP. This is the Original Cap and I promise you won’t be disappointed with it. However, I urge you to go look through their entire website. Their quality products will last you a lifetime (literally, they have a lifetime warranty and will replace their products for you in a heartbeat).

The “Coffee Lover” Gift.
Every avid coffee drinker needs a YETI Tumbler . They are a match made in heaven! These bad boys keep your coffee HOT for what seems like forever! We love our Yeti’s and wouldn’t trade them for anything. However, if you’re not too sure about spending the money on the Yeti name, these RTIC Tumblers are literally the exact same, and just as amazing, but half the price! (And PS… they’re only $11.99 right now and have free shipping… so you should scoop it up ASAP if you’re interested!) (And PPS… the Yeti’s are only $22.50 right now which is an INSANE steal.)

The “Try It Out” Gift.
For the man in your life who is always up for trying something new, get them a subscription box. There are literally THOUSANDS out there for every type of guy. My hubby loves his Mystery Tackle Box. Think about the guy you’re buying for, and decide what kind of box he’d like. Maybe he likes to shave? Maybe he’s really into fitness? Whatever it is, there’s a box for it. Plus, it’s the gift that keeps on giving… and everyone can get behind that!

The “High Tech” Gift. 
For the technology lover in your life, check out these awesome watches from Fossil. I personally think these just look SO MUCH BETTER than the Apple Watches. However, either watch would be a great choice! You can find The Fossil Q Founder here and The Apple Watch here. I think the tech lover in your life would be equally happy to find either of these bad boys under their tree Christmas morning!

The “Traveler” Gift.
For the traveler, get a high quality duffel that can be lugged around the world. These Herschel Duffel bags not only look great, but are made to last. They make the perfect carry on, and are big enough to stuff with souvenirs for the trip home. I also love this one from J.Crew and this one from Frye if you’re looking for a super high quality leather bag.

The “Dad” Gift.
Is it just me or are Dads super hard to buy for? Dads always already have everything, and it seems like an impossible task to find them something they don’t already own. It becomes, what kind of gift will Dad think is really super cool and unique, rather than what does Dad need? Well. This one certainly is unique. Meet The Uuni Wood-Fired Pizza Oven. Chances are, he won’t already have this. And most people love pizza. So how could it not go over well?! It’s literally portable, so you can get piping hot wood fired pizza anywhere your heart desires. (I mean seriously… Santa are you listening? I want this too!!!) And the great news is, if you buy it, try it, and don’t love it, you can return it for free before January 31st.

What are you buying the lucky guys in your life this Christmas? Whatever it is, I’m sure they will love it!

I hope everyone has a fantastic Tuesday! Our apartment complex is supposed to be putting in a new stove for us! The one thats in there now is from the early 90s and literally burns EVERYTHING. Like seriously, we put chicken in the other night for 4 minutes and it was black on top and raw in the middle. We’ve been dying for a new stove… so hopefully they come through!

I’ll be back tomorrow with another fun gift guide! See you then!


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