Gift Guide: Fur Babies

Y’all. Writing todays post took some SERIOUS will power. It took everything I had not to blow my entire pay check on things for Jacksy Cat, Manly and Mojo. Because if you ask me, our pets are some of the most important people in our family. They are always there for us, waiting when we get home from work. If we’ve had a bad day, they cheer us up. If we’re sad, they snuggle with us until we smile. Their unconditional love doesn’t go unnoticed, and at Christmas, they should be spoiled. At least in my book ūüôā

So… get ready for what might be one of my longest posts to date. I honestly couldn’t choose just 10 things to show you that I loved. I’ve got four pages worth of adorable leashes, collars, pet beds, treats and toys just waiting to be shared! You ready? Let’s get started!

PS… if I refer to all animals as “he” I’m sorry! All of my fur babies are boys. Please know, your little princesses would love all these gifts too!

For Your Feline Friend.

The “My Cat Sits Everywhere In My House, Let’s Get Him
Something Of His Own To Sit On” Gift
If your cat is anything like mine, if he fits, he sits. So why not get them something really awesome to sit in (or on!) this Christmas? I’m kind of obsessed with this¬†Cat Tipi! Other things I love? This oh so fashionable¬†cat island¬†from See Scout Sleep and¬†this¬†Ice Cream Truck for your little fuzz ball to play in. Or, if you’re looking for something extra fancy, try¬†this¬†super modern kitty tower.

The “My Cat Isn’t Chunky Enough, He Needs More Treats and Catnip” Gift
Who else is completely guilty of giving their furry friend wayyyyy too many treats? (I really hope I’m not the only one raising my hand high for this one!) They just look at you with those cute little eyes, and I seriously don’t know how ANYONE could resist. If you’re feeling fancy, order your favorite feline some¬†all organic catnip, and¬†organic catnip donuts. ¬†Or, if you have a cat that’s not quite that fancy, check out the¬†Pull ‘n Play¬†by Friskies (my Jacksy Cat loves his so dang much) and this¬†cat nip toy¬†from Target.

The “I Don’t Care If He Kills Me In My Sleep,
He Looks So Cute In That Christmas Hat” Gift
Okay, okay. I’m guilty of dressing my animals up in cute holiday outfits that they probably don’t love so much. BUT THEY ARE SOOOO CUTE! For the dapper kitten, check out¬†this super cute holiday bow tie. For the kitten that’s always cold, go grab¬†this super snuggly holiday vest. (Just note, your cat may not hate this as much as you think! Jacksy loves his sweaters.) And for your own little Who (who is no more than two) buy¬†this¬†amazing Christmas hat.

The “I Need To Spoil My Cat Year Round, Not Just At Christmas” Gift
I’m sure you’ve all heard of Bark Box, now they have a cat subscription box too! Check out¬†The KitNip Box!

For Your Canine Companion. 

The “How Dare You Suggest My Dog Is Spoiled” Gift
There is no such thing as spoiling/loving your fur baby too much. So no. They can not have too many toys. Speaking of toys… have you seen these ADORABLE gift boxes from Bark Shop?? (This¬†New Year’s Eve themed one is insanely cute, but sold out. So if you’re interested go sign up now so you’ll be the first notified¬†¬†when they restock!) They also have the cutest little toys¬†that are sorted by “ruff and tuff” or “soft and snuggly” making it easier to choose toys for your pup that will last them the longest. I also love¬†this¬†Gingerbread Toy from Harry Barker, and¬†these¬†“Chewy Vuiton” bones from Haute Diggity Dog. In fact, I love all the toys from them, like¬†this¬†Puptron chew toy, and¬†these¬†Pawda bags. I just can’t handle all the cuteness!!!

The “Why Are You Looking At Me Like That?
My Dog NEEDS A Gift Box For Christmas” Gift
You know how humans send each other gift boxes/bags/bucket/arrangements on holidays? Well, guess what? you can send them to your dogs too. Like this super chic European themed bucket, or this Expedition themed tin, or this bucket of cute tennis balls all from Harry Barker. Or if a tin full of Sniffy Pop or treats in general are more your pups style, head over to The Bark Shop. And of course, you can always get them the gift that keeps on giving, with a subscription to Bark Box!

The “My Dog Is Cuter Than Your Dog” Gift
I think we all suffer from the “my dog is cuter than yours” syndrome. So why not show everyone else just how cute your pup is with some super cute accessories?¬†This¬†collar and this¬†leash¬†from See Scout Sleep just may be the cutest I’ve ever seen. Keep him snuggly in¬†this¬†chunky knit sweater, and¬†these¬†boots to keep their feet warm in the snow. And of course, a¬†holiday bandana or¬†bow tie¬†(THAT COMES WITH A MATCHING ONE FOR THEIR HUMAN) won’t go unnoticed!

And finally… we all need to talk about Target stepping up their pet game. You guys. I hopped over to yesterday and couldn’t get over all the cute pet things! So I decided Target should have it’s own section.

The “Target Is The Best Store Ever, Let’s Spend All Our Money On Pet Stuff” Gift

While they have crazy cute stuff for all year like this dog bed that is the cutest dog bed in the whole entire world, they also have super cute holiday items (like the toy wand) pictured above.

Here are my favorite picks from Target’s Holiday Pet Collection.


Castle Cat Scratcher¬†//¬†Dog Bakery Gift Box¬†(I also love¬†this one¬†and¬†this one) //¬†Candy Rope Dog Toy¬†//¬†Candy Cane Dog Toy¬†//¬†Candy Catnip Toys¬†//¬†Santa Ball¬†//¬†Dog or Cat Collar Bow¬†// ¬†Cat Candy Cane Tunnel¬†//¬†Dog or Cat Mistletoe Collar Bow¬†// Anddddd if all else fails…¬†cat treats¬†or¬†dog treats¬†!

If you like any of these Target items, get your butt over to ASAP. These adorable things are already selling out in stores, and won’t last much longer!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some online Christmas shopping to do…

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We’re going on a few of our traditional Holiday dates and we’re so excited! I’ll be back Sunday with a weekend roundup.

Happy Thursday!


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