Weekend Round Up

Okay. Who else is freezing? It can’t just be us here in Michigan! I seriously feel like I’m turning into a popsicle. So I’m writing to you from under my heated blanket, with a hot cocoa in hand, and trying to soak up my last few hours of Christmas break.

That’s right. I head back to school tomorrow, and Trev’s athletes come back too. So, it’s a pretty sad night at the Klump house. (Not that we don’t want to see our kids… it just seems like our vacation time flew by!)

Trev was in Nashville this past week, so I headed Up North to spend some extra time with my family. I had the best weekend with them!

On Friday, I got up and went to school with my mom. It was great hanging out with her for the day, and seeing a bunch of my students from my long term sub job there last year. Friday night, we went out to dinner at one of our favorite local bars. If you’re ever near Manistee, you have to head to Doc’s Sauble River Inn. The food seriously rocks!

After that, my mom and I snuggled in and watched a movie. (Wild Friday night… I know!) We finally watched Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Oh man. We were laughing so hard! If you haven’t seen it, you should!

I had originally planned to head back to Detroit on Saturday, to pick Trev up from the airport. Luckily, he was able to get a ride home from his colleague, because it snowed like crazy on Saturday! The weather turned out to be pretty awful, so I was thankful to be safe at home with my parents.

We spent most of Saturday relaxing. My Dad and I made dinner for my aunt and uncle who lost a loved one earlier this week. Then, we headed out to dinner because I had to get my Big Al’s fix in before I left town!

Today, I was up early and on my way back to Detroit. Trev and I did some errands, went grocery shopping, and now we’re resting before an early morning tomorrow. I’m off to finish up getting ready for tomorrow before the Golden Globes begin!

Tomorrow, I’m back with my Michigan winter bucket list. I’ll talk to you then. Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday!


PS… Sorry I don’t have any pictures from this weekend! I spent most of it with my phone away and enjoying my loved ones. But… I did snap this one of the pier before I left! Look how big the snow piles are!


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