Picking Your Bracket: A Guide for the One Who Knows Nothing About Basketball

Guys. Guess what? My weekend has officially started. I’ve been looking to this weekend for literally months. Why? Because Beauty and The Beast comes out and I’m so dang excited!! And want to know what else this weekend brings? March Madness!

Now. You’re talking to a girl who knows absolutely nothing about about college basketball, and only likes to watch during March Madness. So every year, when I go to fill out my bracket, I end up spending hours researching who the Pros are picking and analyzing why.

So… for those of you that are waiting until today to fill them out (you still have a couple hours!) I thought I would share my fool proof tips for filling out a perfect bracket. (And by perfect I mean not guessing every single game wrong.)

  1. Be loyal… but be realistic about how far your team will go. Cheer for your teams while you can, but don’t take them to end if they don’t have a chance in heck of winning. I love Michigan… but odds of them making it to the championship game aren’t very good. So I kept them around as long as I could… until I knew that they were playing a team they probably won’t beat.
  2. Understand the word “seed”. And no… not the kind you plant in the ground. A seed means that team has been given a preliminary ranking. They are “planted” into the bracket, so that the best seeds won’t meet until later on in the competition. And just remember…
    • A number 16 seed has never won a tournament game.
    • A number 8 seed is the highest seed to win a national championship. (See why I didn’t take Michigan to the end now?)
    • A number 11 seed is the highest seed to ever advance to the Final Four. (And that was ages ago.)
    • And, in the entire tournaments history, only 3 times did a number 1 seed not make it to the Final Four.
  3. Go with you gut. Whatever your first instinct is… go with it. Because you’ll regret it when they win and move on and you changed your bracket because you let people get in your head. (Trust me. I know this all too well.)
  4. Don’t forget about the upsets. March Madness is all about the upsets in the early rounds. Those Bracket Busters that no one sees coming… can make the people that picked them the big bucks. However, don’t choose a number 16 seed to beat a number 1. It’s not going to happen.
  5. Pick the teams with the “best”. The best records, the best players, the best seeds. These teams will make the final four. They’ve been labeled the best for a reason. Take these teams far. Two things to remember…
    • Always consider the conference the team hails from. For example, the ACC plays great in competition. A strong conference Win/Loss record in the ACC says more than a strong conference Win/Loss record in the Big Sky.
    • Always consider the strength of the schedule they play. A 32-1 record against the Division II teams is not a good indicator of how good a team is. But an 18-11 record with wins against highly ranked opponents speaks volumes.

So who are you choosing to go all the way? Print your bracket here and get going! The games are starting soon!

Have a fantastic weekend my loves! I’ll talk to you on Sunday!


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