Weekend Roundup (A Day Late)

Hi Guys! Happy Monday! Today, instead of my normal Michigan themed post, I’m bringing you my weekend round up, since I didn’t get to share it yesterday. 

Why? Because I had the BEST weekend and want to brag about it 😉

My weekend ending up being a VERY long weekend. Why might you ask? I needed new breaks on my car. So I headed home on Tuesday afternoon (as soon as we picked Trev’s car up from the shop) so that I could get my car in to get fixed before the holiday weekend. (If you follow my blog you’ll know all about this because I missed a day of blogging last week thanks to traveling up North!)

Wednesday, both my parents had to work. So I got to spend the day hanging with all my fur babies. One of the things I miss most about being home is getting to walk my pups. So I was thrilled to be able to spend the day with them! On Wednesday evening, we went to dinner at TJs pub (if you’re ever in the Manistee area you totally should check it out!) got ice cream and a beach ride, andddd watched Survivor!

Storm blowing in.
Thursday my mom still had school, but my dad started his long weekend! My dad and I spent the entire day cooking! We had a blast, and I totally can’t wait to share the recipes with you! Look for the first one on Thursday! (Or, sign up to receive my blog in your email… then you won’t have to remember to check back later!)

Thursday night, we took all our yummy food to my grandmas house for a yummy family dinner. I LOVE this about being home. Family dinners are my favorite!

Mmmmmm fry bread!
Friday, my parents and I headed to my happy places, Glen Arbor and Leland! We had SO much fun shopping, eating and snacking at some of our favorite spots. (Y’all… The Cheese Shanty was back open for Summer! If you don’t know what this is, stay tuned. There will be a post up about this magical sandwich shop soon!)

Ugh. I’d give anything to be eating this right now. The Shipwreck from The Cheese Shanty.
Friday night, we went to dinner at a newish (it’s been open since last summer, but recently started serving a full menu) restaurant in town (it was delicious!) and watched a movie. We decided on Sing and it was so dang cute! If you haven’t seen it… you need to. Also. Eggsy (from one of my all time favorite movies, Kingsman) was in it. And dude can sing! I was super impressed. Guess that’s just one more reason to love him 😉

Any place that serves their drinks in mason jars is good in my book!
Saturday we had breakfast at The House of Flavors and ran errands before heading to my Grandma’s to celebrate Easter with our extended family. Last February, we lost my Great Grandma. Before she passed away, she made us all promise that we’d continue to get together for holidays like we did when her and my Grandpa Gordy were still alive. So, of course we do! It’s always fun to see everyone and eat all the delicious food they bring! (That side of the family can seriously cook!) And of course… we went for a beach ride. (Do you see a pattern?! HAHA)

You can’t see it in this picture, but you could see the rain out over the horizon! We snapped this picture just before the massive storms rolled in!
Sunday Morning, we celebrated our own little Easter before our hectic day began. We went to church, dug through baskets from the Easter bunny, and skyped with Trev before he had to head to his team’s matches.

With Trev being stuck in Detroit for his team’s senior day games, we had to improvise on the family photo this year! HAHA
We went to Easter Lunch at my Grandparents house (my moms side) and then Easter Dinner at my other Grandparents house (my dad’s side). I love holidays at home because I get to be with all my favorite people in my favorite place.

How cute was my Grandma’s Easter table??
Today, I woke up early and headed back toMetro  Detroit. I was SO SAD when it came time for me to leave. (Jacksy Cat was really sad too. He cried half the drive back.) I’ve been feeling really down lately, and when I’m home everything just seems a little bit better. Shout out to my incredible parents for making me smile and giving me such a great weekend when I was feeling so down. You guys are the greatest parents in the world! And since I know they’re reading this (they’re my biggest supporters!) I’m just going to say LOVE YOU GUYS AND MISS YOU SO DANG MUCH ALREADY!

Now, I’m waiting for Trev to get home from work so I can deliver his gift from the Easter bunny and we can take a walk and enjoy some of this gorgeous sunshine!

How was your weekend? Did you celebrate Easter too?

I’m back tomorrow with another fun post on Washington DC! Have a wonderful rest of your Monday my loves!



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