Weekend Round Up

You guys. I can’t get over how freakin beautiful it is outside!! I feel like a kid again, not wanting to come inside and get cleaned up and ready for school tomorrow. That is seriously the only downside to beautiful weather… never feeling like you’ve had enough time outside. Or is that just me? If I had it my way, I’d be outside hiking in the mountains or swimming on the beach, or exploring a new place every minute of every day. Unfortunately for me, there’s this little nuisance called bills that have to be paid. HA

How was everyone’s weekends? Mine was not what I was expecting. My plan? Sit outside on my deck with a book and some lemonade and read to my heart’s content. However, my hubby had slightly different plans…

Friday night we had hoped to be able to go for a walk at one of our favorite parks, and then grill and eat outside. But, it was POURING rain. I mean like buckets and buckets of severe storms. We still grilled, but we ended up catching up on some of our shows we’d missed during the week, and eating inside. Then we snuggled up and watched one of my all time favorite movies, Kingsman. If you haven’t seen it, you seriously need to. It’s SO GOOD. I like to call it the perfect date night movie. It’s got action, humor anddddd Taron Egerton. Plus, they made Kingsman 2 and it’s coming out soonish. (The trailer is coming out tomorrow! I’ll try to remember to link it on tomorrow’s post if your interested!)

Saturday, I got to sleep in. Which made me SO HAPPY. I haven’t slept in in ages. Trev was up early piddlin’ around. But Jacksy Cat and I stayed snuggled in bed until 9. It was wonderful!

Then, we headed down to Blissfield to visit Trev’s family. It was a super quick visit, but it was great to see everyone!

Today, we had breakfast with his family before heading home. We did our grocery shopping as quickly as we could so we could get out and enjoy the sunshine. We went on a walk and found this super awesome trail next to a river. It honestly felt like we were in the middle of the woods, not in the middle of a concrete jungle. We can’t wait to go back and explore it some more… hopefully tomorrow!

And now, it’s time to relax a bit before Monday rolls around. Trev is doing some food prep for his lunches, and me? I’m snuggling in to watch the new Hallmark movie I DVRd last night. (EEEK! I’m so excited. I love Hallmark movies so dang much! If I could have any job in the world, Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie Star would be my number one choice. No joke.)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday loves! I’m coming back tomorrow with another Mitten Monday post. I feel like I’ve been talking about restaurants A LOT lately, but I’ve got one that I’ve been dying to share with you for awhile now! It’s like a little piece of Texas in NoMi. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see where I’m talking about!


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