DIY: The Easiest Way to Make Cute Baby Onesies

Hey there beautiful friends! Happy Thursday! I’m so excited today for so many reason… but mostly because the sun is out and it’s absolutely GORGEOUS outside. I can’t wait to get home from work so Trev and I can do something fun. Like go for a walk… or go to Hobby Lobby. (I need to get some inspiration for my living room wall!)

I’ve officially completed by first week at Comerica Park and I’ve had SO MUCH FUN. I’ve done stuff like “save lives” (AKA finding and returning some dude’s cellphone), meet player’s family members (I don’t know if I’m allowed to say who!) and been hit on more times than I can count. (Guys get weirdly brave by the 8th inning thanks to all those $8 beers.) I just know it’s going to be such a fun summer at the ballpark!

Anyway, today I’m bringing you another DIY project… but before I tell you about it, I’m going to give you a little backstory!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this on the blog yet or not, but I’m going to be an Auntie! I’m so excited to have a little niece or nephew (I think it’s a boy!) to spoil rotten. We knew that soon after my brother and sister in law got married, they would be starting a family, we just didn’t know when. They told us a few months ago and we were thrilled!

But let’s back up almost a year and a half… to last February. They had just gotten back from their honeymoon and called us to meet up in Ann Arbor for lunch. We were like huh… that’s weird? They’re super busy and never come up our way. Trev and I looked at each other and were like OH MY GOD THEY’RE PREGNANT. Well, we had been saying since the beginning we wanted to be the very first people to give that baby a present, and we had picked out some really cute/funny onesies on Etsy. We of course hadn’t ordered them yet and instantly started to panic.

There was no possible way they were going to get to us two days later… so I decided we’d make them on our own. I make “graphic” type things all the time for school, so I knew that we could do it super fast and easily. And y’all… they turned out SO CUTE.

We bought a card, wrapped them up and took it to Ann Arbor with us that day. We decided to leave it in the car until they told us the happy news. And guess what?! We were just getting together to have lunch and hear about their honeymoon. 

From that moment on, every time we went to visit Trev’s family, we packed the package with us in the car. I’m not kidding you. For a year we would take it along, just in case.

A few months ago, we were sprinting around the apartment trying to grab everything we needed to head down to Blissfield because we were running SO LATE. We left without grabbing the gift. And guess who told us they were pregnant that weekend?! We were SO MAD we didn’t have the gift with us. So, Baby Klump didn’t get their first gift from their Auntie and Uncle… but at least the thought was there, right?!

I’ve been dying to share this DIY with you, because I know that so many of you will want to try it. But of course had to wait until we actually gave them the gift… just in case they were reading! But, it actually turned out pretty dang good I had to wait. It seems like everyone I know is announcing their pregnancies lately, and I bet it’s not just my friends and family that are expecting. So in a busy season of baby showers… have no fear. Here is the perfect way to say “welcome to the family little one!” 

I promise, these onesies are SO EASY. The hardest part is working with the newborn size. OMG They are so teeny!

*Please note, I made these before I started my blog. So these lovely photos I have were just ones I sent to my mom during the process of making them. I’m really sorry they are so awful!

Shopping List

Okay guys. I text my mom like all day every day. So it’s not unusual for me to send her pictures of what I’m up to. Which is where this beauty comes from. Why I laid everything out with my bowl of fruit… I’ll never know. However, this is what we used for our present!
  • Baby Onesies We bought Newborn size in white. But like I mentioned above, this technique works for literally any type of shirt!
  • Fabric Transfer Paper You can get this pretty much anywhere in the printing paper isle. I think we picked ours up from Target.

Now… the rest of the stuff you will need. We had all of this stuff, which made this project relatively inexpensive!

  • A computer with Microsoft Publisher or Powerpoint (or the Apple Equivalent) Don’t worry if you don’t have these programs… I’ll talk about another easy FREE way to design your graphic a little later.
  • Clip Art and Fonts Again… more on this later!
  • Colored Printer
  • Iron

And that’s it! I’m telling you, this DIY is really easy. Especially if you’re good on the computer!

Okay. First things first. Find yourself some inspiration. And everyone knows, when you need inspiration… the first place you go is Pinterest! Look for cute baby onesies or funny baby onesies, whatever you think the soon to be parents will appreciate! Pick a few slogans you like, and write them down.

Next, think about how you might want it to look. I knew that one of our onesies would just be just words. But, I wanted them to be in a “babyish” looking font. The other, I wanted some cute clipart on. Now, if you’re not in the habit of making graphic type things on the computer, you may not know where to even begin finding just the right clipart and fonts. I find almost all of my clipart on Teachers Pay Teachers. I know… if you’re not a teacher you’re probably wondering why the heck I’m telling you to go here. But they have the CUTEST clipart at really inexpensive prices. So I always look here first. If I can’t find something I love on TPT, my next spot is Etsy. They have equally cute clipart that you can search through. For fonts, I literally always go to DaFont. Awful name, great place to download fonts. You can test it out and see how it looks and if you like it, it will tell you exactly how to download and start using it on your computer. Best of all… it’s completely free!

When you have your font and clip art picked out, it’s time to start designing. If you’re a graphic designer reading this… I’m sure you’re about to start cringing. And I’m so sorry! But this is what works for me… and it really is pretty simple.

Open up a program like Microsoft Powerpoint or Publisher. This will allow you to start with a blank canvas. Don’t have access to any word processing programs? Use Google Slides. It will literally do exactly what you want, and all you need is a Gmail account. (Which 95% of us already have!)

Start off with a blank document, and begin creating! Personally, I like to start with the picture/clipart and then add text boxes over the top of it. Once you have it exactly how you want it, it’s time to print!

DO NOT use your good paper first. Do a test run and make sure the size of your creation is going to fit on that teeny little onesie. This part is tedious, and a bit frustrating because you’re probably going to have to adjust graphics and font sizes a few times before getting it just right.

When you’re ready to print on the paper, make sure you follow the instructions along the back. You’re going to have to “flip” the image, which can be frustrating. It took us awhile to figure it out, and I unfortunately can’t tell you exactly how to do it. Every computer / printer is different. Just be patient and know that you’ll get it! Once it’s flipped go ahead and print.

Trim off any excess that you don’t want on your onesies while you heat up an iron. Now, it’s time to transfer it. Everyone does this a bit differently, but I was super worried about the iron being too hot on such a little surface. (Our iron was almost bigger than the dang onesie!) So, we actually made a little sandwich with our transfer. We put the onesie down, then the transfer, and then a clean white hand towel on top. We would iron it for a bit like this, then remove the towel and iron it some more. It took a little bit longer to make sure that the transfer was on, but it was worth it. (The first time we did it without the towel on it burned. And we had to go through redoing everything and it was stupid. So learn from our mistakes!)

After you’re sure the transfer is good to go, let it cool before you peel it off.

And just like that… you’re done!

See what I mean? So tiny! 
Not so bad right? A super quick, super simple gift that will leave the parents to be smiling. Don’t feel like going through making your own? No worries… I’m attaching the two that we made for our future niece or nephew here… they’ll fit the newborn onesies and are already flipped for you. You’re welcome! (PS… I know these sayings won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Just remember, these onesies should reflect the parents you’re giving them to. And we knew our brother and sister in law would find them hilarious.)

Alright guys… I’m off to Hobby Lobby! Let’s hope I don’t accidentally buy TOO much 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend everyone! We’re heading back Up North tomorrow for my cousin’s graduation party.


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