Weekend Round Up: Fourth of July Edition

Hey there loves! Long time no talk. I hope each and every single one of you had the BEST Fourth of July weekend! I also hope that you’re still sleeping because you decided to extend your Fourth of July weekend into Fourth of July week 🙂

If you know anything about me, you know that I love Fourth of July. It’s my second favorite holiday. I mean… any holiday that calls for parades, fireworks, bbqs, beach days and beer has my name written all over it! Plus, there is just something extra great about celebrating America because let’s be real… we’re pretty dang lucky to live in the Land of the Free.

Our weekend got started earlier than expected and I was so pumped! We were working at the Tigers game on Friday night and didn’t plan on getting to head North until Saturday morning. Well, Mother Nature had plans of her own. It started DOWN POURING right after we clocked in and it never stopped. Of course, they didn’t call the game until after people started entering Comerica, so we had to wait until all the guests were safely out of the park, but we were on our way back to the parking garage by 7:40.

We changed out of our soaking wet uniforms in the car, grabbed some Arby’s and headed North. The storm that was going to last all night actually was just South of I-69, so we were out of the storm super quickly. It ended up being a beautiful night for a drive. We arrived in Manistee just before midnight and crashed as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

Saturday morning, we woke up to a pretty cold, grey day. So we headed to my mom’s school with her. She basically drew the short straw in a not great situation, and has to switch classrooms. (She’s a teacher if you didn’t know!) So we were delivering a few things that we had brought up for her from Ikea (we put them all together) and helped her move some of the bigger things that she can’t do by herself.

In return… she rewarded Trev, my dad and I with lunch at Grille 44. If you’re ever in Manistee area, you gotta stop by Bear Lake for Grille 44. It’s so.dang.good. Seriously. I had deep fried macaroni and cheese for the first time and it just may be my new favorite food.

Super cute pic of the three of us. HAHA

By the time we were finished in Bear Lake, the sun was shining and we got to go enjoy some of the Forest Festival festivities! We went to the Arts and Crafts show and the car show. By the time we finished there, it was time to head to my Grandparent’s for dinner and a campfire.

When I try to get my husband to smile for a picture… can you hear my eyes rolling?

We ended the night with a beautiful sunset at the beach.


Sunday my Dad and Trev went fishing all day, so I spent some quality time with my mom. I had hoped to get some beach time in but it was cold and cloudy… again. So we went to some more Forest Festival events, ate lunch and enjoyed some time together. (I have ZERO pictures of this because my mom doesn’t like being in pictures…)

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset
It’s not summer without Local’s Light on the beach. 

We spent the evening watching the sunset and then watching the season finale of Good Witch. (Since the guys went back out fishing!) If you’ve never watched it, and love Hallmark channel stuff, you need to. It’s sooooo good!

Monday was finally my perfect day in the sun. The guys were fishing (again) so I got to lay out and read my book. I finished this one, and it was amazing! If you’re looking for a good beach read this summer, this is the ticket. It’s basically the perfect Rom-com in book form… and a modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice. PS… this is apparently the first book in a new series! I like series because I get attached to places and characters when I read and am never ready to say goodbye and the end of the book. #booknerd


Monday night was my Grandparent’s Fourth of July BBQ. We didn’t stick around too long though…. because we had to head to the beach to get our spot for the fireworks!

Another example of taking selfies with my husband. hahaha

I love sitting on the beach with thousands of my closest friends. Because let’s be real, the best way to watch the fireworks is after a gorgeous sunset over Lake Michigan.




Tuesday, we woke up early and went to the parade with my family. I think Manistee may have the world’s longest Fourth of July parade. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! I was so freakin’ sad that we had to leave as soon as it was over. No one should have to spend the Fourth of July in the car. We missed out on another family BBQ and legit perfect beach weather. (It was 77 and sunny when we left.)


Instead… we had to grocery shop, clean the apartment and then unpack from the weekend. Boo. It’s always extra hard to get back to normal life when you’ve had such an awesome weekend!

Red, White, and Boo. 

Trev is at work today, and tonight we’re working at Comerica. But before I head to Detroit, I’m going to head the pool 🙂

I hope everyone had as fun of a weekend as we did! Tomorrow’s post won’t be going up until late, because I’m working the Tigers game again, and it’s a day game. Have a wonderful rest of you Wednesday!


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