How to Make Hobo Pies

Hey hey! Happy Thursday my loves. I’m coming to you today from my couch, in my air conditioning freakin’ exhausted. Today was a real rough day at the ballpark. It was 95 and sunny, and there were SO MANY WHEELCHAIR RUNS. I honestly felt like I was going to die.

And I’m going to be totally honest with you… I’m SO not prepared for this blog post. I’ve been all mixed up with my days and thought today was Friday until I woke up and realized it was Thursday. That’s what a long weekend will do to you!

So while I was at work today, I started thinking about what I could possibly write about today that was semi-interesting. Then… it came to me while I was chatting with a coworker. She asked me what I did this weekend, and so of course I asked her too. She told me she went camping. So of course I asked if she made Hobo Pies! And she looked at me like my head was on fire. (Which to be honest, it totally felt like it was because it was so dang hot.)

I realized I’ve talked about Hobo Pies on here before, but never really explained them. And when I start explaining them, people say “You mean <insert every name under the sun here>”. Seriously. I’ve heard them called Pie Iron Pies, Campfire Pies, Camp Cooker Pies and my personal favorite… Pudgie Piles. (Like what?!)

And the best thing about these? The things you can cook inside them are even more endless than the names that you can call them. In my family, we do entire nights where all we eat are Hobo Pies. Everyone brings different fillings and we stuff them full or whatever sounds best to us.

So today, I thought I’d share with you five of our favorite Hobo Pie “recipes”. I’m using the word recipes very lightly… because honestly. It’s all about putting whatever sounds good in the middle to you.

What You’ll Need
No matter what kind of pie you’re hoping to make, you’ll need four basics to get started. The first? Pie Irons. You literally can’t make a Hobo Pie without one. Next? Butter and White Bread. You’re going to want to coat each side of your bread with butter before putting into the pie iron so it doesn’t stick. And of course… you need a campfire so you can cook it!

Now on to the fun part… the fillings!

Fruit Pies are by far my favorite ways to eat Hobo Pies! They are a sweet, tasty treat to end your night. Plus, they are WAY easier to make then spending an entire day slaving away by the oven. Grab a jar of your favorite pie filling, and a jar of your favorite Cream Cheese frosting. (Or just plain ol’ vanilla. Whatever you prefer!) Spread butter on two pieces of bread, and stick them into your pie irons. Then, fill the middle with our favorite filling, and cook it over the fire. When it’s ready, take it out and spread your frosting across the top. YUM.

Pizza Pies are another go to in our family, because this way, everyone can have the kind of pizza they want, fresh and hot. All you’ll need? Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, and your favorite Toppings. Spread butter on two pieces of bread, and stick them into your pie irons. Then, add your sauce, cheese and toppings. Cook it over the fire and BAM. You’ll have a perfect little hand held pizza.

PBJ is a classic for a reason. And I believe that it’s best when grilled or made into a Hobo Pie! All you’ll need? Peanuttttttttt peanut butter. And Jelly! (That’s a song isn’t it? I feel like it is. Although, I make up songs in my head all the time so it could be a Savannah Original. HAHA) Spread butter on two pieces of bread, and stick them into your pie irons. Then add your peanut butter and jelly and cook it over the fire. 

Taco Pies might sound weird… but I promise you they’re delicious! Before you head out to the fire, cook up some taco meat. When you’re ready to make your pie, Spread butter on two pieces of bread, and stick them into your pie irons. Then add your meat and cheese. I also would recommend adding salsa before you cook it too! Cook it over the fire, and dip it in sour cream. Trust me on this one. It’s the Hobo Pie you never knew you needed until now.

Breakfast Pies were by far the biggest surprise for me! I really didn’t think I’d like them… but I totally did! The only bad thing about these it they take a little more prep than the others. First off, if you’re hoping to add a meat into your pie (which you totally should!) it needs to be cooked beforehand. So cook up your bacon or sausage before you head out to the campfire. Next, whisk up and egg for your pie. Once those things are done, you can start to assemble your pie. Spread butter on two pieces of bread, and stick them into your pie irons. Then, pour your whisked egg onto a slice of bread. Top it with cheese, and then with your meat. Now cook it over the fire. I will say this, make sure the inside is COMPLETELY COOKED before you bite into this one! No one wants to bite into raw eggs. If you’re worried about this, you can totally scramble them ahead of time and they’ll just be reheated when you cook ’em over the fire!

Do you and your family like to make Hobo Pies? If you do, what do you fill yours with!

Have a great weekend everyone. I’m not really sure what we’re up to later this weekend, but I do know that my best friend is coming over tomorrow night and I’m pumped!

I’ll be back Sunday.


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