How to Use Groupon to Maximize Your Vacation

Hi Friends! Happy Travel Tuesday!!! I feel like I haven’t done a Travel Tuesday post in AGES because of the Fourth of July!

You guys… I’m in the weirdest mood today. We haven’t been having the best week and it’s gloomy and I’m honestly just feeling so dang blah. And when I’m feeling stressed/sad/blah I head over to the Groupon Travel section. Why? Because I’m weird and like to plan trips with money I don’t have. #AGirlCanDream

Which is when I realized that talking about Groupon was a MUST in my Vacation Planning series. (If you’ve missed my other posts click here, here, here and here.) I didn’t realize what a valuable resource Groupon could be. We’d used it before once or twice to get cheap burgers at Basement Burger Bar (If you’re in the Detroit area you need to go! SO GOOD!) but other than that, I kind of ignored all those Groupon emails I’d received.

But last year, when I was planning my honeymoon, I saw somewhere 12 pages deep on Google that I should check Groupon for the Banff Gondola Rides. I was like HUH. So I wandered over to Groupon and couldn’t believe just how great of a resource it was for traveling. Like seriously! I’ve got you curious now… don’t I?

Keep reading to see how to maximize your vacation using Groupon.

*This post IS NOT sponsored.

5 Ways to Maximize Your Vacation Using Groupon 

Use Groupon to Book your Vacation. Let’s start with the obvious… Groupon Getaways! Groupon Getaways is BY FAR my favorite tab on the Groupon site. Think 5 day vacation to Paris for $649 with airfare. Or the freakin’ Galapagos islands for just over $1,000 with airfare. (If you’re booking either of those, PLEASE TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! Paris is one of my favorite cities in this world and I’ve always wanted to go to the Galapagos!) Browse destinations by “theme” (like romantic getaways, last minute trips, or relaxing retreats) and scoop up the one your interested in before it’s gone. Click here to start searching!

Use Groupon for deals on your Hotel. Already have a destination in mind? Check out Groupon for really great deals on hotels. Looking for a kid friendly resort on the beach in Myrtle Beach? Snag it for $41 a night. How does a Vegas hotel for $19 a night sound? Sounds like extra Casino money to me. Search by your destination and you’re almost guaranteed to find a perfect fit for a steal. Click here for hotel deals under $99!

Use Groupon for deals on a Rental Car. Did you know you can get discounts on car rentals through Groupon? Click here to find the discount that works best for you with Avis or Budget.

Use Groupon for deals on Excursions. Okay… this one you might have to do a little bit of searching to find, but I promise you it’s worth it. Remember how I told you we took a gondola ride at Lake Louise while we were in Banff? You’re lookin at a $35 per person price tag. But because of Groupon, we paid less than $35 for both of our tickets. So go ahead and search your destination and then click on “Things to Do”. You just might be surprised with what you’ll find! (Even Spa Treatments guys!)

Use Groupon to get deals on your Food. And of course, everyone knows Groupon is perfect for food! But did you think about snagging some deals on your dinners before you leave? If not… you should!

Pretty great? Right? I’m all about saving money, and this is a great way to do it before you even leave home!

Alright guys, I’m off to do some research for next week! Why might you ask? Because it’s Christmas in July week on Savannah Said It! AHHHHHHH I’m so excited!!! I love love love Christmas in July and always celebrate with my Mama! Eeeek. I can’t wait to celebrate with all of you too 🙂

Have a wonderful Tuesday friends.


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