What’s Up Wednesday

Hi Guys! I know… today you’re expecting a Wedding Wednesday post. But I’m just going to be straight with you. It’s just not happening today!

Remember a few days back I told y’all how our shower was broken? They still haven’t come to fix it. It’s been spewing hot water since Friday now, and the whole situation is super frustrating. We can’t do dishes because if we do, we run out of hot water and can’t shower. We can only shower for 3 minutes before it turns to freezing cold, AND because it’s hot water that’s coming out, the entire apartment is hot and muggy if we don’t blast the air conditioner. I’m off to deal with that this AM and I have to be to work extra early today.

Why might you ask? Because tonight at Comerica it’s not a Tigers game… it’s the Metallica Concert. #PrayForMe But seriously though, it’s going to be INSANE. Even more so if we get the severe weather the news is saying is heading our way.  Comerica is not the place you want to be in severe storms… we’ve learned that the hard way! The only place to find shelter is under the Main Concourse. And with just over 40,000 ish expected at the concert… it will be awfully crowded and hot trying to get out of the rain!

So since there is no new post for you to read today, I thought I’d link up a few of my past DIY posts to get you prepped for tomorrow. That’s right… our newest DIY will be up tomorrow and I’m telling you right now, you’re going to be just as obsessed with it as we are! (Especially when you see just how affordable it is!)

The Ultimate Ikea Rast Hack 
Our post popular DIY so far! These night stands turned out so dang beautiful! And a little update for you… they still look gorgeous today!!

Christmas Trees Sign
Inspired by the amazing Joanna Gaines! Make it next week while binge watching Hallmark Christmas movies and you’ll be ready to hang it on November 24 😉

Wedding Bouquet Shadow Box
Look at that! Guess we do have a little bit of wedding on this Wednesday after all! I love this shadow box, and think it’s the perfect way to keep my bouquet forever! I’ve still got a few pieces of my bouquet that I’m going to be using to make another DIY very soon. So be sure to keep an eye out for that one!

Travel Box
This one is for all you travel lovers that want a place to put all your treasures you’ve collected on your adventures around the world! It’s super simple and looks cute on shelves!

Farmhouse Style Wood Sign
Another DIY inspired by Chip and Jo, this sign is SO DANG EASY. It adds the perfect amount of pretty to any space. And trust me when I tell you, you need it in your life ASAP.

IKEA Vanity
All you beauty lovers out there need to click on this one! Trev made me the cutest little vanity and I love it so much! You’re going to want one to 🙂

Baby Onesies
I love this one! It’s a simple way to make a cute little gift for the newest babe in your life! Speaking of babies… where do all you momma’s buy baby leggings from?! I’m in search of a plain black pair and can’t find any that aren’t in a huge pack! I’m starting to wonder if it’s just the time of year? 

So what do you think tomorrow’s DIY will be?! I’ll give you a few hints. It’s huge, it’s Chip and Jo inspired and it costs less than $25 to make! What do you think it is?! (If you follow Trev on any sort of social media you’re not allowed to guess!)

Alright guys, I’m off to start my day! If you’re in the middle of severe weather too, stay safe! I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!


PS… How cute is my Magnolia hat in my Feature Photo?! I’m so in love with it, I’ve worn it pretty much every day for a month. Pretty sure people that see me on a daily basis think it’s glued to my head. Get your own here.

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