Christmas in July: The Best Hallmark Christmas Movies

Happy Happy Monday my loves! And more importantly… HAPPY CHRISTMAS IN JULY!!! (Or should I say Merry Christmas in July?! I’m still not entirely sure.) It’s my absolute favorite week of the summer (besides Fourth of July) because it’s Hallmark’s Christmas Keepsake week. And when it’s Hallmark Christmas Keepsake week, that means my Christmas in July celebrations are about to begin!

Last year, I shared this post, on my favorite Christmas in July tradition. I got to thinking about it, and realized why should I only post about Christmas in July one day when I celebrate all week long? So, without further ado, let’s jump into to Savannah Said It’s Christmas in July!

Alright Ladies and Gents. It’s time I reveal a secret about myself to you. You ready for this?

I, Savannah Edmondson Klump am a Hallmarkaholic.

That’s right. I spend 95% of November and December snuggled up on my couch with hot cocoa and candy canes, watching Hallmark Christmas Movies on repeat. So it should come as zero surprise to you that I, a Hallmarkaholic, has seen every feel good Christmas movie they’ve produced in the last few years.

So I’ve taken it upon myself to weed through the good, the bad, and the adorably cheesy to give you the 5 Upcoming Christmas Movies you must watch this Christmas Keepsake Week, and the ones that I love that they’ve already showed, but you should watch on the World Wide Web. (God. I feel so 90s saying that. HAHA)

12 Gifts of Christmas Shopping, true love and Katrina Law. Can you say a match made in Hallmark Christmas Heaven?! I ADORE this movie. Probably mostly because I adore Katrina Law. (I don’t think she’s in nearly enough Hallmark movies.) Anna, an unemployed painter, is unable to make ends meet during the holidays. She is hired to become a personal Christmas shopper for Marc, and uptight executive of some sort. From working together, he learns that gifts aren’t about the amount you spend, but the time you put into them. And Anna learns that she might be able to have success as an artist in a way she never expected. And of course… they fall in love 🙂 Grab the cocoa and meet me on the couch on Tuesday July 18th at 4 pm.

Let it Snow It’s not Christmas without a little DJ Tanner Candace Cameron Bure on my screen. This movie is the cutest, I swear! Stephanie is a high power executive with her Dad’s company, Falcon Resorts and a big ol’ Grinch. She hates Christmas, and snow and wants to shut down Falcon Resorts newly acquired property… the quaint Snow Valley Lodge from it’s retiring owners, and she must spend a week there before Christmas prepping a proposal on the properties renovations. She of course doesn’t see eye to eye with the Property Manager, Brady who just so happens to be the retiring owners son. Through her time at Snow Valley, Stephanie not only finds the Christmas spirit, but saves the lodge and finds her one true love. Snag some Christmas cookies and snuggle in with me on Tuesday July 18th at 2 pm. 

Christmas Under Wraps Oh Look! Another DJ Tanner Candace Cameron Bure movie. I swear people, she’s the true sign that Christmas is Coming. (Or Gretchen Weiners Lacy Chabert) In this movie, Paige moves to Alaska to be a doctor when she doesn’t get into her top choice program in Boston. It takes her awhile to adjust, but she ends up loving life and a handsome gentleman named Andy Holliday. Pretty soon, she has to make the classic choice of career or love. Is this one cheesy? Yup. Is it the same old storyline you get quite often in Christmas movies? Sure. But is it still one of the cutest, make you happy Christmas movies ever? Definitely. Start up the fireplace and get cozy on Friday, July 21st at 6 pm. 

A December Bride I love Hallmark’s June Weddings movies. And when they combine all the romance of their wedding movies with the Christmas spirit, well they knock it out of the park in the movie department. A December Bride was one that I most looked forward to last year at Christmas time because I adore Daniel Lissing. I had really high hopes for this one, and it totally did not disappoint. An inspiring interior designer, Layla, is dreading the Christmastime wedding of her cousin… who just so happens to be marrying her ex-fiance. (YIKES!) Seth, who is responsible for introducing the bride and groom, needs his home decorated for the big competition. And while she doesn’t really want to help him out, she knows decorating his house could put her name on the map. Not only do they start decorating his house, but she agrees to be his date to the wedding. Where he accidentally announces they’re engaged. It’s witty, it’s romantic and it’s sweet. Grab your favorite Christmas sweater and turn up the volume on Friday, July 21st at 8 pm. 

When Calls the Heart Christmas Whether you’re a Heartie or not, you’ll love this movie. It’s everything you love about When Calls the Heart and more. Spend two hours in the Frontier town of Hope Valley, at Christmastime, where community, faith, and most importantly hope all reign supreme. Trust me. You’ll love this old fashioned Christmas. Step back in time on Friday, July 21st and 2 pm. 

Now… Christmas Keepsake Week isn’t nearly long enough to show all of my favorite movies. In fact, a couple of my all time favorites aren’t even on this week! (Or aired last weekend, before this blog post went up. BOO!) But don’t you worry, most will cost your right around $5 on Amazon. And trust me, it’s worth your money! (However, if you want to watch them for Free, try looking them up online. There are websites *cough*Putlocker*cough* where you can watch them for free. But since I’m not sure how legal that is, you didn’t hear it from me.)

A Very Merry Mix Up Ahhhh this one is SO GOOD. I DVR’d it and have already watched it TWICE since Friday. I love this one because it’s completely original. There isn’t another Christmas movie like it. Alice, an antique shop owner, is nervous to meet her future in-laws this Christmas… especially because her fiance sent her ahead of him. Her trip becomes even more stressful when her luggage is lost, and a handsome stranger spills coffee all over her and ruins her phone. The handsome stranger lets her borrow his phone, and hears her say her soon to be last name on her voice mail. It turns out… he is about to be her future brother in law! So he takes her home with him. Alice falls in love with The Mitchums and their happy festive traditions. But when her fiance shows up and it’s the wrong guy, she realizes she’s made a terrible mistake. I promise… this one is so good. Get A Very Merry Mix Up here

Snow Bride Why this one isn’t on their line up AT ALL for Christmas Keepsake Week is beyond me. This is HANDS DOWN my favorite Hallmark Christmas movie. Remember earlier when I said I loved Katrina Law? She stars in this one too and it’s so dang good. Greta, a reporter, is always in search of the next juicy gossip. And this Christmas season, the juicy gossip just so happens to be coming from The Tannehill Family. Greta and her rival are challenged to see who can get the scoop first. When Greta drops everything and leaves to head up to Big Bear with nothing but the clothes on her back, she mistakenly ends up a guest of the family and finds herself in the middle of the best story yet. If you don’t watch any other movie from this list, watch this one. It’s so so so good! Get Snow Bride here

A Crown for Christmas, A Royal Christmas, and A Princess for Christmas Any movie about becoming a Princess is easily my favorite movie. These three movies are getting lumped together for that reason, and that reason alone. While each are a little bit different, they all kind of have the same premise… American Girl meets European Prince and doesn’t fit in to the Royal lifestyle. They are each charming in their own way. And I love all three of them. Get A Crown for Christmas here, A Royal Christmas here and A Princess for Christmas here

North Pole Ahhhh this is so cheesy and corny I just adore it! With lines like “You’re the deer’s ears” I can promise you, you won’t make it to the end without smiling. An overly optimistic elf, Clementine, sets off to save The North Pole by spreading Christmas cheer. Get North Pole here

What are your favorite Hallmark Christmas movies?! All this Christmas talk is getting me SO EXCITED for December. Is it too early to decorate for Christmas? 😉

I’m off to clean and get to cooking. We’re having Trev’s parents up for dinner tonight. I’m back tomorrow with another fun Christmas in July post! Have a wonderful Monday everyone!


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