Weekend Round Up

Hi Guys! Happy Game of Thrones Day Sunday! I’m honestly not really even sure why I’m sitting down to post today because I did one thing, and one thing only this weekend… work!

The Tigs had quite the home stand this weekend, and we were there for all of it. The games were long, and hot, I answered the questions “Where’s the bathroom?” and “Where can I smoke?” about a zillion times, and I’ve got a blister on each heel, both the size of Texas. But… I had fun anyways 🙂 I’ve been saving up lots of funny stories and facts to share with you guys about my time working at the ballpark, but I’m waiting to share it in one big post when the season is over. (Which unfortunately is looking to be sooner, rather than later for our Tigers.)

Andddd since I have nothing else to tell you about my weekend, I’m going to take some time to tell you that SO much good TV is about to be in my life! You all know that I love TV a little bit too much. But ya know. Whatevs. We all have our vices 😉

Of course, Game of Thrones is on in less than an hour, and I’m so freakin’ pumped. It’s one of my all time favorite shows, and if you’ve never seen it, you really should! But don’t try to watch it from where we are now, sit your butt down and start at Episode One. Also, BIP is back. And it’s literally the sh*t show I NEED in my life. I live for that drama. AND Project Runway comes back this week! Guys. Guess what? Two girls I went to camp with in middle school are on the show! How freakin’ cool is that?! If you watch, they’re the twins! I’ll totally be rooting for them to win this season. (They were really fun at Fine Arts camp, so I’m sure they’ll be really fun on TV too!)

Alright… I’m done rambling. I’ll be back tomorrow!


PS… On a bit of a sadder note, Trev lost his Great Aunt this weekend. If you could keep our family in your thoughts and prayers, it would be greatly appreciated! Because of funeral arrangements, my blog posts might be few and far between this week. I’ll keep you updated when I can.

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