Weekend Round Up

Hello Beautiful Friends! Happy Sunday! It’s been such a long and exhausting weekend, but it’s been a good one! I’m basically running on Iced Carmel Mochas and cookies, so if this post seems a bit all over the place… that’s probably why.

First things first… I FINALLY DID THE IMPOSSIBLE!!! Ever since I saw this sweater at the N Sale, I knew I had to have it. I have checked religiously every time I’ve picked up my phone to see if it was in stock. A few times, I’d get it in my cart and click on my cart to check out and it’d be sold out by the time I got to the check out screen. But on Saturday morning… I FINALLY GOT MY SWEATER! EEEEK! I’m so excited. I didn’t believe it at first, but it has officially shipped and I couldn’t be happier. Let’s just hope it fits when it gets here.

Alright, on to what else I did this weekend, besides finally getting lucky on Nordstrom! Friday afternoon, I headed up to Detroit Mercy to see Trev’s soccer girls play in their first home match of the season. Unfortunately we didn’t get to stay for the entire thing because we were working at Comerica Friday night.

Fun fact about working at Comerica… we clock in / out right by the Clubhouses and where the players all come out to meet their families. So we see baseball players all the time. Well, The Dodgers were in town, and you guys, I can officially report (this is breaking news, and you’re hearing it here first) Yasiel Puig smells freakin’ awesome. You’re welcome. I know, you were all DYING to know that. 🙂

Saturday morning, Trev participated in a round table, and then, we headed off to his parent’s house. The rest of our weekend was spent celebrating his brother and sister-in-law! Trev hosted a diaper party on Saturday night for the guys, well Trev’s mom and grandma and I ran around getting stuff finished for today. Which was the baby shower.

Speaking of the baby shower… I was the “photographer” for it, and I’m off to edit 700+ (you didn’t read that wrong) pictures. Let’s just hope out of those 700, I got at least a few keepers!

But first. I need to find some food. Real food. Not caramel mochas and cookies.

I’ll be back tomorrow with a quick post. And when I say quick, I mean it. We don’t have time to be on the internet tomorrow… we’ve got an eclipse to watch!

Enjoy the rest of your Sundays!


PS… I’ve now seen this quote in THREE different places today. I think someone up there is trying to remind me to be extra grateful. I love this. And thought you might love it too!


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