Weekend Round Up + Big News! 

Happy Sunday loves! I’m so happy you’re here today because I’ve got some v. exciting news to share!

If you follow my blog (if not you should!) you’ll know I’ve been a bit spotty on my Thursday posts these last few weeks. I’ve said I’ve been “adulting”, but didn’t really say much else. Well… I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to jinx it. But I GOT A JOB! I’m so dang happy. Teaching jobs in Michigan are few and far between, but on Friday I was offered a position teaching the tiniest little humans (4 and 5 year olds!) and I couldn’t be more excited.

Don’t worry… I’m still keeping my blog. (I worked full time the past year too! I just didn’t have a classroom to call my “own”.) I promise to work hard to keep my normal blogging schedule, but just know that September will be a bit of an adjustment period for me. So I may miss a post here and there. Just be patient with me and know that my blog is still always my favorite pastime and proudest accomplishment!

Now that I’ve shared my good news, it’s time to talk about my weekend!

We headed down to Trev’s parents for the third weekend in a row. We had a busy weekend! It started on Friday celebrating his grandma’s 91st birthday!

We (Trev and I and his brother and sister in law) took Grandma to dinner and her very first Toledo Mudhens game! Unfortunately, the game was WAY less exciting than the Tiger’s game had been the night before! (Y’all… I worked the game with all the brawls! It was CRAZY.) But we had so much fun celebrating with her! Can you imagine all the things she’s seen in the past 91 years?!


I tried to get Trev to take a nice selfie with me. 100% of the selfies we took look like this. Him being silly and me not having it whatsoever! HAHAHA


Saturday we spent the day with Trev’s parents supporting a cause they’re passionate about. My inlaws both have Harley’s and big on riding. They’re members of the Swaton ALR. (American Legion Riders) This particular group of motorcyclists do a lot for their community and for veterans in general. They had their 3rd Annual Battle Buddy Poker Run.

If you haven’t heard of The Battle Buddy Foundation before, click here! It’s a really amazing organization that helps buy service dogs for Vets suffering from PTSD. All of the money they raised from the ride, dinner and auction items went straight to The Battle Buddy Foundation. It was a really neat event, and we were super happy to be a part of it!

So Saturday, we watched them take off on our ride, did a little shopping then went back to the Legion for the dinner and auction.

My MIL leading the pack on the way to their first stop along the way. 

And now, we’re in the car, blasting some Greta Van Fleet with the windows down and heading back home. We’ve got to get unloaded and our grocery shopping done before Game of Thrones tonight! Guys… I’m SO EXCITED! Who do you thinks going to die?!!! My money is on Littlefinger… but I’m hoping Jamie kills Cersi.

Guys. Can you believe this is our last week of summer?!!! How freakin’ sad that it flew by so fast! All this week, be on the lookout for some fun Labor Day inspired posts. I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up + Big News! 

  1. Congratulations on your new job….exciting times. Thx for supporting a cause dear to our hearts..The Battle Buddies Foundation. .


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