Happy Wednesday!

You guys. It’s a sacred day. It’s October 11th. And do you know who was born on October 11th?! (If you don’t we can’t be friends… JK.)


So let’s all do a secret handshake dance in honor of the fact that our favorite twins Annie and Halle were born today.


Alright guys. I’m a bad blogger… again. Life got in the way last night and I totally didn’t write a blog post for this morning. And since I need to be on my way to work in 10ish minutes, it’s just not happening.

Trev and I had our End of the Year Employee Appreciation party last night with The Tigers! You guys… we had so much fun! We got to eat dinner in the Tiger Club and we are offically sold. Next time we go to a game, we’ll be enjoying it from there. I mean, check out this view!


Only thing missing was a game but you know, the Tigs didn’t quite make it to post season this year. 😦 We had so much fun catching up with our friends from this summer, eating wonderful food, and trying to win sweet raffle prizes.


So like I said… no new post today! But if you missed any of my other posts this week, now would be a fantastic time to check them out 🙂

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And last week’s posts…

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Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends! I hope it’s sunny and beautiful where you are, and not rainy and dreary like here.

I’m back tomorrow with a shopping post. Cuz you know your girl loves to do a little shopping every fall!


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