10 Things I’m Buying This Fall

Grab a Salted Carmel Latte (because Pumpkin Spice is gross) and get ready, My Loves. I dare you to drink every time you read the word cozy… by the end of this post, you’ll be warm and snuggly with all the fall feels. You’re welcome.

You guys… it’s officially starting to feel like fall! You know what that means? GIVE ME ALL THE COZY. I need cozy sweaters, mugs for cozy drinks, cozy drinks that make me feel warm and cozy, cozy blankets, cozy scarfs and cozy smells. There is nothing more idyllic to me in the fall than being completely cozy from head to toe.

Every Fall I find myself purchasing new items that keep me cozy through the fall and into the winter. Here are the 10 Things I’m Buying this fall!

  1. A Cozy Sweater. I can’t live through the Fall without a bunch of warm and snuggly sweaters. I’m obsessed with my Top Shop Sweater that I picked up during the NSale. You know the one… the one that literally was sold out every three seconds and was practically impossible to get your hands on. (Trust me… I’m a living testament to if you really want something you can get it. I refreshed that damn page once every 5 minutes for a month straight. And no. I’m not joking.) I can see why it was so popular… it’s like wearing the snuggliest blanket around all day and gives you the “at home still in bed” feels while you’re out and about looking like a Billion Bucks. It’s still sold out… but if you keep checking you might be able to snag it too! Find it here for $85.
  2. Anything and Everything Plaid. Every year I buy new plaid shirts and scarves. I just can’t help myself. I love throwing on a flannel for an effortless perfect Fall outfit or wrapping my neck in a giant blanket scarf that keeps me warm on a chilly fall night. This year, I picked up this flannel from Target and this one from Banana. (The Target flannel is a STEAL at $19.99! The on from Banana is a bit more expensive, but is seriously SO SOFT. Plus, it’s On Sale NOW for $59!!)
  3. A New Coffee Mug. I love having a new coffee mug every fall! Right now, I’m loving my Magnolia Mug that Trev got me for my Birthday. It shipped here straight from Waco Texas, and I like to pretend I’m Joanna Gaines while I drink from it and make a list of DIYs for Trev and I to work on! I love this mug because it’s hand made, and really great quality. Grab your own little piece of Waco here for $21.
  4. A Snuggly Blanket. You guys… I have LITERALLY found the best blanket in the entire world. And i’m not even joking. This blanket is so warm, so soft, and so big that I can completely curl into a little ball and be snug as a bug in a rug. And the best part? It’s SO CHEAP. It’s not super pretty, and isn’t one that you’d want to display on your couch. But it is one that you use constantly. Grab yours at the nearest Sam’s Club for only $14.98!! (Or order online here!)
  5. Fall Candles. If your house doesn’t smell warm and cozy, is it really fall? I head to Bath and Body Works every Fall to stock up on my favorite cozy scents. I love Marshmallow Fireside, Sweater Weather, Leaves and Flannel. I don’t know why I’m even linking this one… but wait til there is a sale and buy away here
  6. Fall Decor. Because if my house doesn’t feel cozy, I’m just not happy! Every August (too early I know) I break out my Fall throw pillows, garlands, pumpkins, baskets, throws, wreaths and wood signs. I buy 95% of my Fall decor from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and the Target Dollar Spot. I also really love doing DIYs! I didn’t get nearly as many done this Fall as I had hoped. But the two I did do are SO good! Check out my wreath made entire of Dollar Tree products here and my Pumpkin Patch sign that I couldn’t love more if I tried, here.
  7. A Crockpot. I’m putting this on my list because a Crockpot is a MUST for me in the Fall! (To be fair, we use ours all year round.) So technically, I’m not going to go out and buy a new one, because I absolutely LOVE mine. I’m putting it on the list so you’ll go out and buy the one I have too. Because it seriously is THAT good. We got this for one of our bridal showers as part of a gift from my parents. You can find it here on Amazon. (PS… It’s eligible for Prime!) 
  8. Boots. Tall, Short, Rain or Thigh High… I have to have them all this fall! I have my favorite pair of booties that I wear all the time from a boutique Up North. (Here are some super cute, super affordable dupes from Target!) I have my favorite riding boots that I’ve had for two falls now, that I won’t get rid of until they have holes. (Here are some that are super similar ones and they’re crazy affordable!) I just purchased these thigh high boots from Target that I can’t get enough of, and I have these cozy Koolaburra by Uggs Boots for when the weather starts getting colder. And of course, Fall can get pretty rainy in Michigan, so I always pull out my trusty Red Hunter Boots too!
  9. A Great Book. I’ve got a stack of Elin Hilderbrand books just waiting for me to dive into! I’m in this weird stage where I’m still trying to establish a routine that works for me with my weird hours at my job. But it’s my goal to set time aside every night to read a little bit before bed. I’ve said it before, but Elin Hilderbrand is my favorite author of the moment! I also adore anything by Kristin Harmel (especially this one and this one that are super old but I love them and reread them both once a year) and Sophie Kinsella. I like books that are a lighthearted and make me smile and take me to fabulous lifestyles that I could never have. (Like living on Nantucket, taking a month off the my job to live in Rome or buying everything I could ever want.) I never want to feel sad or confused after I finish a book… which is why I tend to steer away from a lot of the really “popular” books out there.
  10. Bath Bombs. Does anyone else seem to take more baths every Fall and Winter or is that just me? I stock up on Bath Bombs every Fall from Lush. I usually pick up my trusted favorites like Sex Bomb and Dragons Egg and try one of their new releases. I also love sparkly Bubble Bars (maybe even more than the Bath Bombs!) and will pick up whichever ones are calling my name! I usually buy 5-8 while I’m there, and they last me a really long time because I break them up. I just keep them in a big glass jar and they stay good and don’t get dried out or weird. Find all your favorite Lush products online here. Prices vary. 

Speaking of Bath Bombs… has anyone tried out the new Bath Bombs Fizzies from Bath and Body Works?! They’re about the same price as Lush’s and I tend to stick with what I know I love. Let me know if you’ve tried them and what you think below… I’d love to try something new if you love them!

What are you buying this Fall?!

OMG guys. Did you see Riverdale last night?! I don’t want to spoil anything… but GAHH I’m so happy it’s back! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I’m ready to have some Fall fun. I’ll be back Sunday with a Weekend Round Up!



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