Weekend Round Up

Hey there Loves! Happy, Happy Sunday!

It’s super cold and dreary out here today. It’s the perfect day to snuggle up and be cozy all day. And maybe watch some Halloweentown. (Find the things I’m buying to stay cozy this fall here, and watch Halloweentown here!)

Jackson is on that Cozy Train.

Sounds like the perfect Sunday… right?! Too bad we’ve still got A LOT to do and that probably won’t happen on my end. Ugh.

It’s been another really busy weekend over here.

My weekend started out a bit sad. We found out on Friday morning that my Aunt Mary lost her battle with cancer. As sad as it is to know she’s gone, it gives us a little bit of comfort to know that she is no longer in pain.

My day on Friday was CRAZY at work. I was so dang happy when it was finally time to get home and have our Friday date night. We headed to On the Boarder for some Tex-Mex and Margaritas. It was so yummy! And you guys… we hit Happy Hour and our Margaritas were only $3 and our Queso was only $2! We’ll def be going back.

Cute pic, Babe.

We were both exhausted from long days at work, so we headed home, curled up in bed with some cookies and milk, and watched Hocus Pocus!

Saturday, we woke up early and Trev headed to weight lift (some sort of #Squatober deal. If you’re into lifting weights, you should check our his Instagram. Follow him @tklump1) and I watched a few Hallmark Movies while I started making December plans for Savannah Said It! Eeeeeeek I’m so excited for an entire month of Christmas posts guys!!!

We then headed down to Trev’s parents house for an afternoon of Fall Fun. We stopped at the house to pick up his Mom and we headed to Kapnick Orchards for their Apple Festival and then to Tecumseh for their Appleumpkin Festival!

Same picture, different year.

I of course got my Apple Cider Slushie and it was worth the 365 day wait. You can read more about Kapnick Orchards here.

Apple Cider Slushies are the best invention EVER.

We did’t buy a whole lot at the Appleumpkin Festival. But we did buy Jacksy Cat a Catnip Pillow (huge hit, let me tell you!) and we ate some lunch at Tecumseh Brewing. I had the Cuban Sandwich and it was freakin’ fantastic.

Saturday night we headed to Trevor’s brother’s house for dinner and today we’re finishing up some laundry before we head home. Then it’s grocery shopping, unpacking, playdough making and meal prepping.

What did you do this weekend?! I hope all the rain stayed away where you are, and you go to enjoy some Fall Fun too!

I’m back tomorrow for a Mitten Monday post! I think it’s FINALLY time to share somme color tours!


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