Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

Hi Guys!! OMG. I meant to get this post up yesterday, but dang. The day just got away from me! It’s been another crazy busy weekend around here. And as amazing as it was… I feel like I need a weekend after my weekend.

You know how people are like “OMG I’m so busy.” But then you find out that their “busy” meant going to get coffee and then napping until it was time for their favorite TV show to come on? That’s not the kind of busy I’ve been. My kind of busy has been the end of the month coming at me at work. Which means I’ve got tons of paper work to turn in tomorrow, I’ve had a Halloween party to plan (an prep) for, I’ve had to write lesson plans, make a November Calendar/ Newsletter PLUS do all my normal life things. Like blog, grocery shop, clean, meet up with friends and SLEEP.

Last week felt like a freakin’ marathon, and by the time I made it to the weekend on Friday I could barely keep my eyes open. Friday is date night for Trev and I, and I came home with FULL intentions to get myself dressed and pretty and ready to head out on the town. But instead, I walked straight to my bed where I sat to snuggly Jacksy for a minute and PTFO until Trev got home and woke me up. We decided it was a sweat pants and Culver’s kind of night. We grabbed our food, came home and watched The Big Bang Theory and then went straight to bed. I was OUT by 8:00. HAHA

Wild Friday Night. 

Saturday was MUCH more eventful! Trev’s Soccer Teams had their Senior Days so he was headed to work. Me? I was headed to Grand Rapids to meet my family for Girls Day! And we had the BEST time!

Our day started with Brunch at Social Kitchen (I had the Mac n Cheese!) and then we were off to DeVos to see the US National Tour of Wicked! You guys. It was SOOOOO good!






After the show, my dad met my Mom and I so we could grab some food at one of my old stomping grounds… Grand Woods Lounge. (I’d been craving their crab dip!)


And yesterday? Well yesterday was for trying to get three weeks worth of things done in one day. We had errands to run, grocery shopping to do, and I had dying noodles, making slime and play dough, making my costume for Tuesday and prepping for the week to get done too.

I woke up this morning feeling even MORE tired than I was on Friday after work. Ugh. Is it time to go back to bed yet?!

Anyways… blog posts will be a bit different this week! No post tomorrow… since it’s Halloween! Which means we’re getting Travel Tuesday on a Wednesday this week 🙂

I’ll be back on Wednesday! Happy Monday loves!



3 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up (On A Monday!)

  1. SUCH A GOOD READ! I bet you gals had a ball!! Aunt Amy was the chaperone?!? 💥👍.
    Now I’m hungry for some”Good” Crab Dip!! Mmmm. Have a Safe week!


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