Holiday Gift Guide 2017: For Him

Happy Tuesday my loves! Today, I’m sharing one of the most requested gift guides on this blog! It seems I’m not the only girl that has a really hard time buying for the men in my life. Like seriously. They are SO MUCH HARDER to buy for! I honestly second guess most of the gifts I buy for guys, and sometimes, I totally give up and just give them a bottle of their favorite alcohol (which is so lame) and I know I’m not the only one. So, step out of the liquor isle, and into the light that is my Gift Guide for Him. I promise, these are all things the dudes you know will love!! How do I know? Because I made Trevor help me with this one! 🙂

The “Stylish but Practical” Gift

If there is one thing I know about dudes, it’s that they want to look good, but they totally want whatever they’re wearing to be practical. Last year, I shared these boots, and I still thing you should buy them for the man in your life! Trev absolutely LOVES his. A year later they still are in fantastic shape, they look great with any outfit, and most importantly, they keep his feet really warm during the snowy Michigan winters. This year, I’m sharing these beautiful MVMT watches. Now, I’m obviously not a part of The Bachelor franchise, so this is #notsponsored. However, these watches are seriously nice! And because literally all our favorite Bachelor people pimp them out, you can get a great deal with one of their codes. (Might I suggest Ben Higgins and Ashley I’s Almost Famous Podcast code?! I just love them! I believe to get their 15% off code you can head to ) The best thing about these watches? You can add on extra straps to your watch purchase so you can change them as you wish!

The “Outdoorsy” Gift

For the outdoor lover, why not something that will keep them warm while they’re outside on one of their many grand adventures? These classic Patagonia Pullovers are ALWAYS a good idea. Whether they’re heading out on a hike, or stopping for a beer at a little mountain town bar, the outdoor lover will make GREAT use of their newest pullover. Plus, at only $99 you literally can’t beat it!

The “Fool Proof” Gift

Okay… this gift is probably only 90% fool proof. But I’d say, it’s pretty dang good odds that most men in your life would love a GoPro! Are you buying for a dude that travels a lot? GoPro. Fisherman? GoPro. Outdoorsmen? GoPro. I could literally thing of a billion situations a GoPro is the perfect gift! The newest edition is the Hero 6, but you can get the Hero 5 Black for $100 cheaper… and it will literally be just as good! Shop here!

The “Dapper” Gift

For the dapper, bearded man in your life, grab them a gift set from the Art of Shaving. My dad bought Trevor their limited edition Kingsman Set when he was in Vegas a few months ago and Trev can’t stop raving about it. The quality of every single thing the Art of Shaving puts out is so, so, so good. And with a wide range of gift sets, you’re sure to find something in your budget that will look like you spent a lot! You can still grab a few pieces from their Kingsman line here. And trust me, if you’re buying for your boyfriend you’re going to want him to have this. He’ll smell amazing! (Basically what I imagine Taron Egerton to smell like.) Or, grab a gift set here!

The “Gym Goer” Gift

Grab your favorite gym rat a new pair of trainers to enhance his workout. Since Trev pretty much lives in a weightroom, I asked him what kind of trainers he would suggest. I told him I wanted something stylish (don’t worry, I wouldn’t let you give an ugly gift!) but great quaitly. He suggested these No Bull Trainers! Sleek and simple, these shoes will withstand the elements. Their “Superfabric” is literally glass, knife and barbed wire resistant. I mean… even a non gym goer would love these shoes! Grab the NOBULL Men’s Black Ivy Trainer here for only $129. (And if you have Prime, don’t pay shipping!)

The “Professional” Gift

Because everyone knows someone who is attached to their phone, wears a suit, and was destined to be the King of the Boardroom. The Tie Bar offers seriously stylish gift sets that the Professional dude in your life would love. With three ties, three pocket squares and three pairs of socks, they’ll be able to mix and match their way through the week. And the less time they have to spend picking out their socks and ties, the more time they have for sending emails. Trust me. They’ll thank you for it. Shop The Tie Bar Large Style Boxes, here.

The “Manchild” Gift

Guys… I didn’t know what to call this one! I didn’t want to say “nerd” because that’s just not kind. And I really didn’t know what Star Wars lovers call themselves. (Don’t worry, I know it’s not Trekkies.) But this gift is BAD ASS and anyone who loves Star Wars will want this! It’s a freakin’ floating death star… THAT PLAYS YOUR MUSIC. Like I don’t care who you are, this is seriously awesome. And the Star Wars lover in your life NEEDS it. Get it here before 12/11, and use the code “Friend” for an extra 10% off!

The “Traveler” Gift

For the Traveler in your life, you can never go wrong with a solid carry on. These Kanken backpacks are all the rage rn, and it’s easy to see why. Originally designed for Swedish school children in the 70s, these iconic backpacks are crafted from durable water resistant fabric. The classic bags are steal at only $80. Not only will they be crazy easy to open up on a long haul flight, but they’re going to help keep your stuff safe from all those lovely airplane spills when the turbulence begins.  Oh. And you can get it in pretty much any color your heart desires. Grab the classic backpack here, or pay a little more for an upgraded version with a laptop case inside it here.

The “Dad” Gift 

Grab your Dad the gift that will make his life a whole lot easier… an Amazon Echo. He can talk to it to find out the weather, order from his Amazon Prime, or listen to his favorite music from his glory days. Check out all of the Echo devices here! (PS, the Echo Dot (2nd Generation) – Black is on sale right now for $29!!)

What are you buying for that special dude in your life?!

I’m off to work, although I’d much rather be heading back to bed! It seems this sickness just will not leave me!!! I’m back tomorrow with a Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide! Have a fantastic Tuesday everyone!



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