Weekend Round Up

Happy Happy Sunday my loves! How is it that this weekend is already over?! I hate when the weekend flies by on me, and I didn’t get half the things accomplished that I thought I would!

My weekend started out on Friday crazy early! I never get out of work by 4 but I did on Friday! I was bummed because Trev wasn’t home yet. So it was just a few extra hours by myself. HAHA (Loser status. I know!) But I didn’t mind being alone… I still had a really great night! I got Culver’s, watched Christmas movies (I just can’t stop y’all) and cleaned the house.

Saturday, I woke up and headed to Hobby Lobby and Michaels! I was in search of a jar that I could put my beach glass in, and of course, ended up with so much more! I really wanted to try making a Macrame Plant Hanger this year and ended up finding them for $6 at Michaels! How cute is this?!

Terrible lighting.. I know! 

The hanger, pot and plant are all from Michaels and I seriously love it! I will say it doesn’t look quite right just yet in our living room… so I’m thinking of adding a few more in different sizes later this on. (AKA next time I get over to Michaels! haha)

I picked up Panera for lunch while I was out, and came home to watch another Christmas movie before heading the airport! I was SO pumped to go get Trev!

And as always, my time driving around the airport was a disaster. I literally drove in and out of the airport THREE times before finally getting myself to the right parking lot. Then, I somehow ended up in the International Arrivals instead of the Domestic Arrivals. Thank goodness for a nice TSA guy that pointed me in the right direction… and also told me the story of a girl that got lost inside the parking garage. I felt a little bit better about myself!

Fresh off da plane! 

I picked up my handsome hubby and we grabbed a pizza for a cozy night in. We ate, watched The Office and played with our cat. It was literally my ideal Saturday night!

Today, we were up early to head to Target and then to his men’s basketball game!

Here’s a nice and blurry photo for ya!

After the game, we’re heading to get some groceries, make some dinner and start a new puzzle 🙂

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I’m back tomorrow with my Michigan Winter Bucket List!




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