Weekend Round Up + Winter Weekend Getaway: Traverse City, Michigan

You guys! I TOTALLY forgot to get a Weekend Round Up posted for you yesterday! So you’re getting a mini weekend round up, and a mini weekend getaway idea for you!

Let’s start with our roundup!

We started our weekend Friday night with Margs and Mexican food with my best friend and her boyfriend! We had so much fun catching up and eating so.much.food.


Saturday morning, I got to lounge around and watch some Christmas movies (I know. I have a problem.) and drink my coffee while Trev was teaching a clinic. We cleaned the apartment and the rest of the day was completely lazy. Which was exactly what we needed.

We took a nap.


We took some photos for Thursday’s blog post. (Can you guess what it might be on?!)


We made cookies and started a new puzzle!


And of course… we cheered on our Patriots!


Sunday we lazed around and then spent some time with Trev’s parents!

I hope you all had just as lazy of a weekend as I did. Because lazy winter weekends are the bomb! You know what else is the bomb? Winter Weekend Getaways. (You see what I did there?!)

If Michigan has a signature season… I think it would be winter. Not because it’s out best season (not by a long shot!) but because we have everything that makes for a winter lovers dream. Big hills for skiing, lakes for ice fishing, forests for snow showing and of course, snow. So. Much. Snow.

Because we are literally living in a winter wonderland, it’s no wonder that people want to plan their winter weekend getaways here. So I figured, why not share my favorite places to escape the daily grind in my beautiful state?

First up, everyone’s favorite city… Traverse City.

I LOVE TC. I love it no matter the month, the season or the weather. The thing that’s so great about TC is that it has a city vibe to it, but it doesn’t loose Up North vibe that I love so much. And while we all know winter isn’t my favorite time of year, it really is one of the best times of the year to visit this great city. Why? Because there are literally ZERO tourists around and you get to experience TC the way it should be… like a local.

Where to Stay: 

Pick a resort, any resort. I don’t care where you choose to stay, chances are, you’re going to get a killer winter rate. So pick a place you could never afford in the summertime. Right now, most resorts are offering Winter Escape Packages that include discounted rates, and coupons for area attractions and restaurants. Check out a few featured packages here. Or, book a cozy cabin with Airbnb.

What to Do: 

Well… it’s winter. So you know I’m going to tell you to get outside and have some fun in the sun snow. My favorite thing about TC is just how beautiful the area is. So whether you want to rent a fat tire bike or slip on some snow shoes, sled down the sand dunes or cross country ski, you can pretty much bet that wherever you are will be an absolutely stunning scene, straight out of a snow globe.

You should also take advantage of the v. uncrowded streets and hit up downtown to shop til ya drop. All the stores have GREAT sales because they are trying to get rid of their inventory before their new summer things come in.

And, you know what they say. Nothing warms you up like a great glass of wine. (Do they say that? Or is that just me?) Traverse is known for their great wineries, and you can hit them up without the long lines you get each summer.

Where to Eat: 

Everywhere. Eat. Everywhere. From cozy brew pubs to high class restaurants owned by chefs straight out of Michelin Star kitchens, you’re guaranteed to find something you love. Personally, I’m not big on fancy restaurants. I’m a big fan of cozy pubs where I can get a cheeseburger and sit by a fireplace and just relax. So, if you’re like me, check out this post I did on some of my favorite places to eat around TC. If you’re up for high quality culinary experiences, check out places like Red Ginger, Trattoria Stella and Amical.

Can’t Miss Events: 

So… does Traverse City sound like a perfect weekend getaway to you?! Book a hotel and hit the road. I promise you. You won’t be disappointed!!

I’m back tomorrow with my second post in my Capturing Your Travels series! This time… it’s all about videos 🙂 Make sure you’re subscribed so you don’t miss it! It’s a good one 🙂 Or, you can follow me on Bloglovin!

Have a fantastic Monday my friends!


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