Guys. It’s Wednesday! We’re half way through the week which means I’m one day closer to heading HOME for the weekend! Yayyy!

It also means it’s #WhatUpWednesday… so it’s time to tell you What’s Up in my life!

What I’m Watching

Well you know that I’ve got to talk about The Bachelor Winter Games! I watched last night’s episode this morning and I was BAWLING my eyes out when Ben left and then when Yuki left. And then… omg did anyone else think Rachel was SO DANG SALTY towards Dean?! Like SOOOO unnecessarily harsh. I thought Dean and Lesley were adorable and did something fun to make making out in front of a room full of people a bit less awkward. I’m really excited to watch the finale tomorrow night. This show was short and sweet and I really loved it!

What I’m Excited About

I’m so excited to head home for the weekend in a few days! It’s been a really stressful few weeks in my world, and nothing soothes my soul like a trip Up North. I just really wish it could be for longer than just a weekend!

What I’m Listening To 

You know I love my Bachelor related podcasts! This week I’ve been really into Here To Make Friends! It’s actually a Huff Post Podcast. The hosts, Emma and Claire, are really funny. They do have some v. strong political and feminist views. So if you don’t want your Bachcaps with a side of politics, this may not be the podcast for you. Personally, I don’t care to mix politics into everyday conversations, but I love everything they have to say about the show! They’re the perfect mix of snarky and sweet and they have a ton of alumns come on and co-host! If you’re looking for another Bachelor Podcast, definitely check this one out wherever you listen to podcasts!

What I’m Eating

Does medicine count?! I feel like all I’ve been putting in my body lately is fruits, veggies and medicine to help me feel better. I’m totally over being sick. I’m ready to feel like myself again, get back into working and eating like a normal human!

What I’m Working On 

We just finished a REALLY awesome DIY that you’re going to see tomorrow on the blog! It’s so easy and I think you’re seriously going to love it! We also are working on the plans for TWO more DIYs and I’m so excited! Be sure to subscribe or check back tomorrow to see the newest addition to our kitchen. (That’s your only hint!)

What I’m Dreaming Of… 

I’m seriously dreaming of beaches and sunny skies. I would do ANYTHING to A) get a spring break and B) go some place warm. But, since I don’t get a spring break from work, it’s pretty impossible to go someplace warm right now! However, I know all you college students that are reading this are heading out on your Spring Breaks in the next week or two! So next week, it’s College Spring Break Week here on Savannah Said it! Eeeek! It’s going to be good. And you’re going to love it!

Living my best life on Spring Break, 2011. (HOW WAS THIS 7 YEARS AGO OMG)

Alright my friends. What’s Up in your lives?

Have a great rest of your Wednesday my loves! I’ll be back tomorrow with a DIY you won’t want to miss!


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