The Best of Winter 2018

Ahhh Winter. The one season I’m never sad to see leave. And while I’m sitting here writing this, the snow is coming down in BIG fluffy flakes, I’m looking forward to Spring. I LOVE Spring. With Spring comes new beginnings, better weather and better spirits in general. And while we technically still have a few more days of winter, I’m already waving goodbye!

This winter seemed to last FOR ‘FREAKIN EVER. Like, December seems like such a lifetime ago! Let’s see if I can dig wayyyy back into my memories for this one!

December was, as always, the best month of the winter! It giant mush of Christmas fun. 


December started with Sleighbell Weekend! It’s my absolute favorite parade in my hometown, and Trev finally made it to his first Sleighbell Weekend! We drank hot cocoa, tried chestnuts and got in the Christmas spirit.

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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire smell awesome but taste like butt.

We celebrated our sweet little niece’s first Christmas.


We saw The Zoo Lights in Toledo.


And we spent a long weekend Up North celebrating Christmas with my family.

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We rounded out the year by celebrating SEVEN New Years Eves together, snuggled up at home.

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It was the perfect end to 2017! And in the blink of an eye, it was January! 


We started January setting some New Years Resolutions.

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Trev went to his annual Strength and Conditioning Coach conference… and I took my annual 16 trips around DTW trying to figure out where to pick him up.


We watched some basketball.


We spent a lot of time on puzzles and listening to Small Town Murder.


And I spent a perfect weekend Up North with my family.

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And after what seemed like FOREVER, we made it through January. 

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February started off on such a sad note… my Pats lost the Super Bowl 😦

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I collabed with!

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We spent a few weekends snuggled up at home. (That’s what Winter is for… am I right?)

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I got the flu for Valentine’s Day. UGH. But Trev made being home sick totally bearable.


We saw our favorite podcast (Small Town Murder) LIVE!

And OMG they were so funny! I was super sick with the flu, but stuffed myself with medicine and went. And I’m really glad I did!

We made a chalkboard!

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We spent some time Up North.


And we puzzled A LOT. (What else is there to do when you’re stuck inside?!)


Before we knew it, it was March!

We tried out Blue Apron… and loved it!


We spent time with our niece.


Andddd we got ourselves ready for SPRING!


Our last few months have consisted of busy weeks, and snuggly weekends. Life is about to get crazy again… and we’re going to be ready for it. Bring on the sunshine, flowers and warmer weather. Spring is officially (almost) here!

What are your favorite memories from Winter 2017/2018?? Want to read up on everything I just mentioned and more? Click the links below and start scrolling!

December 2017

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March 2018

Have a fantastic weekend everyone! We’ve got a BUSY one ahead! I can’t wait to tell you all about it on Sunday.


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