5 Places You Should See This Spring… Based on The Places You Already Know and Love

Ahhh Spring. Just hearing the word instantly makes me think of sunshine, birds chirping, new adventures and flowers. So.Many.Flowers.

I LOVE Spring, and I especially love Springtime adventures. Why? Because they are always extra pretty! The bright blooming flowers, dainty blossoming trees and sunshine are the recipe for a perfect Spring day.

And while I tend to visit my favorite places over and over again every Spring, I’m always excited to find someplace new to fully enjoy this beautiful season! So today, instead of duping makeup products, I’m duping locations. Because while you’ve probably been to (or at least heard of) celebrating Spring in these popular tourist destinations, you probably haven’t celebrated them in these 5 new places you’ll love just as much!

If you love the Tulip Fields of The Netherlands or Washington State, than you should visit the Tulip Fields in Holland, Michigan this Spring! 

Want to see rows and rows and rows of Tulips but can barley pay your rent, let alone for a European getaway this Spring? Look no further than The Mitten State, that you all know I love so much! We’re home to Holland, a place where there is no shortage of Dutch heritage and Tulips! This Spring, book a trip to Tulip Time and enjoy hundreds of thousands of tulips right here in the good ol USA. (Plus, a trip to Michigan in the Spring will be really, really, really cheap. No one wants to come here until Summer!) Holland is only a quick 40 minute shuttle ride from Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, a breezy 3 hour drive from Chicago O’Hare OR a $26+ train ride! However you get there, just know, you will LOVE it, and want to immediately begin planning a trip back next year!

If you love the Wildflowers in the Canadian Rockies, than you should visit The Smoky Mountains this Spring! 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… The Canadian Rockies are easily my favorite place in this world. But my favorite place to see wildflowers? It’s definitely the Smoky Mountains! While the beautiful flowers might not be surrounded by snow capped mountains, there are so many different flowering plants in the Smokys that it’s been nicknamed “Wildflower National Park”. In fact, seeing the blooms here are so popular, they have a Wildflower Pilgrimage every Spring! Learn more here! (And don’t forget to check out my Smoky Mountain posts hereherehereherehere, and here!)

If you love the Baby Blue Eyes at Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan, than you should visit Texas Hill Country this Spring. 

Okay okay. This one MIGHT be a bit of a stretch because really, who can compete with those insane Japanese botanical gardens?! But a trip south to Texas Hill Country won’t be a disappointment… I promise! Sweeping seas of the iconic Texas State Flower will welcome you, along with hundreds of other wildflowers, that will make all your Instagram dreams come true, deep in the Heart of Texas. Plus, they’re blue. So you know, totally similar, right? (Check out this guide to Texas Hill Country from Southern Living, and my guides to San Antonio here before you go!)

If you love the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC or Tokyo, than you should visit Traverse City, Michigan this Spring! 

Ahhh Blossoms. (And not the evil ones that put Queen Cheryl in that conversion camp on Riverdale.)  I honestly don’t think there is anything more “Spring” than these gorgeous blooms. And while a jaunt to DC or halfway across the world might not be possible for you this Spring, a Weekend Getaway to Traverse City should be! A drive up the Old Mission Peninsula will not only give you your Cherry Blossom Fix, but also, your wine fix too! IMO, this is the best part of seeing the blossoms here. Not only do you see the pretty blooms, but the backdrop is The Bay and your literally surrounded by some of the best wineries in the state. Do I have you sold? Find out more about Traverse City and the surrounding areas by clicking here!

And finally, if you love the rolling green hills picture from Windows ’97 and have always wanted to visit, than you should drive The Old Frankfort Pike this Spring!

LOL okay I couldn’t resist this one! When I think of Spring I think of warmer, sunnier, greener days. And when I think of green grass and blue skies I AUTOMATICALLY think of that Windows ’97 background! So I did some digging and guess what?! Turns out you can actually visit the location where this iconic picture was taken in California. But it’s not nearly as pretty now. But do you know what is? The Old Frankfort Pike in Lexington Kentucky. Rolling green hillsides surrounded by white fences, horse farms and blue skies. This iconic drive not only will give you some seriously pretty scenery, BUT you’re also crazy close to four of the bourbon distilleries along the bourbon trail! (We visited them when we went a few years back! It was so fun and I can testify that this drive is SO pretty!))

So where are you heading to soak in the season this Spring?! I’m heading to one of these places… can you guess which one?!

Alright guys. I’m off to dinner with my BFF! I’ll be back tomorrow for another #WhatUpWednesday!


*All photos found on Google.


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