#WhatUpWednesday (On A Tuesday?!) + Every Day In May

LOL I know what you’re thinking. I 100% did not forget what day it is. I just figured today is the day to tell you What’s Up in my life since it’s most likely my last post for this week! (What?! I know. Major slacker over here.)

Why I’m Posting #WhatUpWednesday A Day Early

I’m posting a bit early because as of right now, we’re heading to Georgia this weekend! For some weird reason, they couldn’t fly Trev down with his team. So we decided to pack up the car and take a spontaneous road trip to see his girls play! We’ve got a hotel booked but everything else is 10,000% up in the air! It all depends on if the girls can win on Thursday. So fingers crossed they can pull out a W. We want to get outta Michigan for the weekend 🙂

What Drama I’m Caught Up In

Y’all. This Ronnie from Jersey Shore and his Baby Mama drama is SO.GOOD. I legit can’t look away. It’s so messy. OMG. It’s so bad but I can’t look away! Catch up on the drama here.

What I’m Watching

DWTS is back! I’m not so sure about this shorter season though. It all felt so rushed to me. But you know I’ll still be watching it. And honestly, Adam Rippon has this in the bag. He’s basically a National Treasure and every single one of my votes will be going to him. (Is it lame that I vote for DWTS? Do you? Let me know in the comments below!)

What I’m Excited About

The fact that it’s May! May is the beginning of Summer for me. The weather is so much better, so my mood is better. The fun of summer is literally just around the corner, it stays lighter longer, and everything is getting green and pretty outside. We have A LOT of fun things planned this May (literally every weekend is packed) and I’m looking forward to all of it!

Why You Won’t See Another Post This Week

No more new posts this week! I’m spending tomorrow and Thursday trying to get everything done that I was supposed to do this weekend so we can ride off into the sunset worry free! And if we don’t end up going? I guess I’m going to have a v. relaxing weekend! Curious to see what happens? Be sure you’re following me on Insta! (@savannah_edmondson) Cuz let’s be real… Instagram will see it first.

And now…

Every Day in May! 

One of my absolute favorite bloggers posted something today that absolutely INSPIRED me. Shay Shull, the ever fabulous Mix and Match Mama, made a list of some things that are good/healthy for her that she’s going to strive to do Every Day In May. And I’m totally joining in on her challenge! Now, she has a long list of v. lofty goals that I know I won’t uphold. So I’m going to start a bit smaller!

Here are the 5 things I’m going to do Every Day in May!

Drink More Water

I’m going to challenge myself to drink more water this May! I’m really good about drinking water throughout the day, but your girl has a MAJOR Diet Coke addiction. I mean, I drink it with my breakfast. I’m going to challenge myself to switch out my Diet Coke at least once a day with a glass of water instead! Starting right now! (Yup. I’m drinking water instead of Diet. I’m killin’ this Every Day in May thing!)

Move More At Work 

We wear Fitbits at work and I’m super bad at remembering to put mine on! So this May, I’m going to challenge myself to wear my Fitbit every work day, and hit a the very least 11,000 steps while I’m there. (I hit my 10,000 pretty consistently.) And then rack up more every night. When I get home, I tend to sit down and not do much else. So here’s to hoping that my night will consist of some sort of movement too! Whether it’s dancing in the living room, walking around the block, or just pacing my hallway trying to get to the next “thousand”.

Read More Pages

Yup. This was one of my New Year’s Resolutions that I didn’t keep up with. So I’m challenging myself to get back into reading every night now! I’ve been doing a super good job this week of putting down my phone, shutting off The Office and picking up a book! I’ve got literally an entire library of Elin Hilderbrand books just waiting for me to dive into. I’m ready to stop wasting time aimlessly scrolling and get lost in Nantucket. 🙂

Be More Grateful

For awhile, I was keeping track of 5 things I was grateful for every day and reading a passage in Jesus Always. I did it so often that it became a habit, and it was amazing how my outlook on life changed when I was grateful for the little things I had. I was so focused on the good things I had in my life, I wasn’t really comparing myself to everyone else I know, and I felt really good… I felt like our time was coming. I prayed really hard for a lot of things last Fall, and nothing seemed to work out in our favor. I got frustrated and started having a hard time finding 5 things to be grateful for daily, because all I could focus on were the things I was praying for that weren’t happening for us. So this May, I’m going to refocus my life and start being grateful for the things we do have. Because while we may not have our dream house, be starting a family or have our life looking exactly how we want it, we live a life full of blessings. And it’s crazy to not be grateful for them.

Put My Phone Down Earlier

One thing I’m really bad at is putting my phone away. I don’t like to be without it, and worry that someone won’t be able to reach me if I put it to the side. Which is silly, I know. So I’m really going to try to set my phone aside the second we crawl into bed (which is usually around 8:00) and not look at it again until Morning.

What are you going to do Every Day in May?! Be sure to let me know in the comments below! And be sure to check out Shay’s original post here.

Alright my loves. I’m off for awhile. Enjoy the rest of you week! I’ll miss you!


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