The Lazy Girls Guide to Spring Cleaning: 5 Pinterest Cleaning Hacks That Work and 3 That Are A Waste Of Your Time

Alright my loves… truth bomb time. This post was supposed to be up at the end of April, as the final Lazy Girls Guide to Spring Cleaning post! But, I ended up not posting because I thought I was going to Georgia (still salty.) soooo you’re getting it today! It might be a little too late for Spring Cleaning posts… but I figure you can clean all year round 😉

Whenever I’m going to seriously clean, the first place I turn to is Pinterest. There are SO many hacks out there that I can’t ever decide where to start. Each hack claims to be the perfect, quick, solution to my messy dilemma. And 95% of the time, the so called “hack” just makes my life even harder.

So last weekend, Trev and I set out to find 5 solid tips that will make all of your lives so much easier! Our goal was to find hacks that upgraded our cleaning routine by giving us max results while we put in the littlest effort. (Hey… it’s the #LazyGirlsGuide for a reason!)

Are you ready to upgrayedd your cleaning routine?!

If you don’t know this movie we can’t be friends. JK. But seriously, you need to watch Idiocracy!

Here are 5 Pinterest Cleaning Hacks That Work Like A Charm! 

Make Your House Smell Like Williams Sonoma. This is one of my FAVORITE hacks of all time! It’s SO simple and makes your place smell devine. It takes all of two minutes to put it together and then you can just leave it and not worry about it any more. It’s one of my favorite ways to freshen up the house before guests come, and I always get compliments on how great it smells 🙂 Find the hack here!

DIY Screen Cleaner That Actually Works. Does anyone else always forget to clean their computer/phone/iPad/tv screens and then see thousands of fingerprints the second the sun begins to shine?! That’s me. I found this hack last year when I was a long term computer substitute. I couldn’t stand walking into the classroom every morning and seeing all the smudges on the screens. So I looked for a hack on Pinterest (because screen cleaner can be expensive) and found this holy grail cleaner! No joke. We always have a bottle of it under our sink and it works perfectly every time! Find this super easy, super cheap screen cleaner here!

Clean Your Microwave Without Scrubbing. Guys.. this one is SO good because it’s so simple and I barely had to lift a finger. All you need is a bowl, vinegar, lemon and 5 minutes and you’ll be able to wipe away even the grossest microwave messes. This one is about to be a once a week staple in our home… and after you try it I bet it will be in yours too! Find the pin here!

Deep Clean Your Shower Head with a Ziploc Bag. Who else’s shower heads are gross?! What about your faucets?! For those of us that basically have a tiled closet as a bathroom, we know that mildew runs rampant around our showers. This trick is great because it’s cheap, quick to assemble, and it cleans itself. Seriously. You just leave it for an hour or two and come back and voila. Magically clean! Find the hack here!

Polish your Chrome with Dryer Sheets. Okay… this one is WILD. Did you know you can take a dryer sheet (new or used), get it wet, and rub it all over your chrome appliances to make them shine?! It actually works! You just gotta be able to get past the weird feeling of a wet dryer sheet. (I hated it.) I technically saw this one on YouTube, but theres a ton of Pins out there about it too!

And of course, we didn’t just stumble upon 5 perfect cleaning hacks. There were a few we tried that totally left us scratching our heads, with a bigger mess than before. So save yourself some time, and steer clear of these…

3 Pinterest Cleaning Hacks That Just Don’t Work

Putting a Magic Eraser in The Toilet. Okay. This one just made me mad. Not only was it not so magical when submerged in our porcelain throne, I totally wasted a Magic Eraser! If you’ve never used one, you know what a disappointment this is because they’re the Don’t waste a Magic Eraser like me… just buy a Clorox Wand. (But if you must try for yourself, find the Pin here.)

Naturally Clean Your Garbage Disposal. Not going to lie, I wanted this one to work because the pictures were SO pretty! Plus I loved the idea of being able to drop a few ice cubes down my disposal whenever it got smelly. But we didn’t notice a difference AT ALL. However, the blog post the pin came from swears by it. So maybe we did it wrong? Have you tried this hack before?! If so, let me know in the comments below! We’re hoping to try this one again, because I really want it to work!

Remove Tupperware Stains with Lemon Juice. The theory? Throw some lemon juice in our containers and let it sit over night… wash em, and the stains would disappear. What really happened? Absolutely nothing.

So my friends, what are your favorite Pinterest cleaning hacks?! And which ones haven’t worked out for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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Alright guys. It’s been a long week and I’m beyond ready for Friday! Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Make sure you give your Momma’s extra love on Sunday.





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