Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunday my loves! Long time no talk! I meant to get a blog post up on Thursday but I was so dang busy that before I knew it, it was 11:00 pm and I still hadn’t finished up everything I needed done for work! So you’ll see last Thursday’s post tomorrow instead 🙂

How were your weekends? I spent it mine working again… remember how last weekend I wished for rain? Actually hating myself for the rn. But before we get to the rainy weather, let’s rewind to Friday!

Friday was my classes’ Young 5s Graduation! You guys… they were SO CUTE. They wore little cap and gowns, they sang their hearts out and told us all what they wanted to be when they grow up. My heart was bursting I was so dang proud of them! I really wish I could share photos with all of you, but I can’t for privacy reasons. But I promise you, they were the cutest!

Trev came to watch my kids graduate, so after the ceremony was over, it was date night! I got to choose where we were heading for dinner, and I decided I wanted to go to the new Aubrees that opened up just down the road from us! We used to go to one of their other locations when Trev lived in Ypsi, so I was pumped to go back! It was such a beautiful night that we stopped home to change out of our dress clothes, and walked to dinner.

This is a terrible photo… but it’s all I got! 

And I ate my body weight in Aburee Bread.


Saturday we were up early to head to the ballpark. Remember how I wished for rain? Oh. We got it. But we got the kind that lasted for a few hours then went away… so the game just got rain delayed. Y’all. I STOOD IN THE SAME SPOT OPENING AND CLOSING DOORS FOR PEOPLE FOR 9 HOURS STRAIGHT. Because not only did the game get delayed, it went into extra innings.

Apparently blurry photos were my thing this weekend? HAHA

By the time we got home, it was almost midnight and we still hadn’t eaten dinner. So we were super healthy and picked up McDons on the way home. We crawled in bed while we ate and then we PTFO.

Today, we were up again to head back to the ballpark. It was rainy and cold today… and made the day feel like it took forever! Plus, I was in a spot where no one really came by me today. And when there’s no one to talk to, it makes the games go by extra slow! I was ready to get home and snuggle up.

One more blurry photo for ya. Your welcome. 

Luckily, it’s the last weekend home stand until July. Not having any days off for a month has been totally exhausting! And while our weekend is packed this weekend, at least we’ll get to relax for a few minutes at least 🙂

Alright guys. I’m off to finalize our plans for our Weekend Getaways coming up soon and try to relax and unwind a bit before another busy week starts! I hope your weekends were MUCH more relaxing than ours!

I’ll be back tomorrow. Talk to you then!


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