Weekend Round Up

Hey there my beautiful blog family! I’ve missed you! It feels like FOREVER since I last sat down to write (really it’s only be a couple days!) and I’m happy to be back.

I hope you all had super nice bosses that let you have Wednesday, Thursday and Friday off, and you’re all feeling refreshed, well rested, stupidly happy and slightly sunburnt. (All the signs of a perfect 4th of July weekend!)

I literally had the worst week of 2018 so far. Seriously. It was one hit after another (including my car starter randomly going out and getting to get my car towed), and I was an emotional wreck. But luckily, I had my family to lean on, and I’m feeling ready to take on the world after a (way too) short weekend at home!

But before I get into my weekend, let’s talk Fourth of July! I was so sad to not be Up North for the Fourth! This was the first year since I went to Blue Lake (a fine arts camp) in Middle School that I missed a Fourth of July at home. Without days at the beach, carnival rides, parades and fireworks over Lake Michigan, I was super bummed out. Luckily, we weren’t stuck in the city for the day though! Trev’s family only lives an hour away, so we drove down to Blissfield on Tuesday night as soon as I got out of work.

We got there just in time to head to see some fireworks with his family and their friends in Ohio! (All my pictures turned out blurry because there was too many bright street lights! So unfortunately, no obligatory fireworks photo or boomerang this year.)

Wednesday we got to sleep in and then spent the entire day floating on their pond! It was SO beautiful out, and a perfect day!


Plus we got to spend some time with our niece. She’s literally our favorite human.



It was super hard packing up and heading home that evening knowing I had to go to work the next day! It should be mandatory that everyone gets a long week for the Fourth of July, am I right?

The rest of the week went so slow because I knew I was heading home on Friday as soon as I got out. I was crossing every finger and toe on my body hoping I’d get to luckily leave early, because everyone at work seemed to be getting done extra early at least once all week. But, I was there til 6:00. Ugh. The good news? I had zero traffic the entire way. So I turned on some T. Swift and sang my way all the way to Manistee.

It has literally been over a month since I’ve been home, and I couldn’t wait to get there to see my Jacksy Cat! He was staying with my parents because we had those two weekend trips in June and our puppy sitters were going to watch him too. But because of our work schedules, and our Tigers schedules, we had to leave him there Memorial Day Weekend. And our house has been far to quiet without him the past month! My parents spoiled him rotten while he was there… I walked in to find him sitting on his giant kitty castle living his best life. 😂


I visited with my parents, loved up my pups and kitty cat, and snuggled in for bed.

Saturday, we were up early for breakfast at my favorite place for pancakes!


Then my dad and I loaded up the boat and headed out for some fishing and fun in the sun!

I caught two big bass, so I was super proud!


After we fished for a few hours, we picked up my mom at the dock and took the boat out for a ride to Lake Michigan!

Home really is where the Lake is!

DSC_0039 2.jpg

When we got home I snuggled up in the hammock to read a bit before getting ready for dinner at TJs pub!

After dinner we grabbed ice cream from House of Flavors and headed to the beach to see the sunset!





This morning my dad and I headed back out on the boat for a few hours before heading to Big Al’s for lunch! I can’t let a weekend at home go by without getting my Big Al’s fix.


Then it was time for me to pack up and head back to Detroit. It was way too short of a trip home… but I’m happy to be back with both of my boys in Detroit! We’re snuggled up enjoying some Parks and Rec to finish out the weekend right.

How were your weekends?! I hope they were filled with BBQs, brews and sunshine.

I’ll be back tomorrow for another Mitten Monday! Enjoy what’s left of your weekend, my friends.


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