Weekend Round Up

Hey hey, Happy Sunday! To be totally honest here, I’m not sure why I’m even sitting down to write to you this evening. I did one thing, and one thing only this weekend… work.

The Tigs had quite the home stand this weekend, and we were there for all of it. The games were long, and hot, I answered the questions “Where’s the bathroom?” and “Where can I smoke?” about a zillion times, and I’ve got a blister on each heel, both the size of Texas. But… I had fun anyways 🙂

And when we weren’t at The Ballpark, we were busy getting things done for our real jobs and trying to enjoy our weekend just a little bit at least! My favorite thing about this weekend?! It was finally cool enough (and when I say this I mean it was finally less than 90) to sit out on our new little table! I spent Saturday morning on the deck with my coffee working on blog posts for the week, beginning to help my mom plan for my cousin’s bridal shower and starting to plan our Fall Getaway.

So basically, my weekend looked like this…

Processed with VSCO with c8 preset

And like this…


Andddd like this.

He loves me. I promise.

But I really wish my weekend looked like this again…


I hope your weekends were MUCH more exciting than ours! We love working Tigers games, and they are a ton of fun, but after working 46 hours this week at my normal job, and working long games at Comerica all weekend, I could really, really, really use a day off!

But since no one will let us add an extra day between Sunday and Monday, I’m going to spend the rest of my night relaxing as much as I can, and getting to sleep super early. Have a fantastic rest of your Sunday everyone! I’ll be back tomorrow.


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