Hobby Lobby or DIY? You Decide! (The $5 DIY You HAVE To Try This Fall!)

Happy Tuesday my loves! I know… today is usually a #TravelTuesday post. So if you’re here for new travel related content, I’m sorry! You can check out all of my most recent adventures under my “Travel” tab. Orrrrr you could try something different and stick around for a really, really, really awesome (and cheap!) DIY!

Because today, it’s FINALLY time to bring you the first of many Fall DIYs that I know you are all going to L-O-V-E. This one is the perfect addition to your outdoor decor this season, and it was so crazy easy to make!

I was first inspired to make this Stacked Pumpkins Welcome Stake when I saw this sign at Hobby Lobby. I thought it was SO cute but we don’t have an outside to decorate, and I didn’t love the colors, so I couldn’t see spending $24.99 on it. Then, I was watching Eclectic Kristen on YouTube and saw that she did a DIY version of this sign. When I saw how simple it was to remake with pieces from the Dollar Store, I decided to try it too, just put my own spin on it! (You can check out her video here. Her’s looks almost exactly like the original!)

The original for my taste was a little bit too “minty” and “orange” colored, and had a little bit too many leaves on it. I wanted mine to be a little bit more muted and simple, like the rest of my fall decor! And I absolutely love how perfect it came out! And guys… it only cost me $5 to make!!


Do you love it too?! Then just keep reading!

Shopping List 


  • 3 Dollar Pumpkin Signs in different sizes! I ended up with these three, and they worked perfectly!
  • 1 Dollar Tree Garden Stake
  • 1 Pack of Metal Words from Dollar Tree.
  • Chalk Paint. I used four different colors from the Waverly brand that you can get at Walmart! These aren’t included in the total price of my project, because I already had them on hand. If you need them, you can pick them up for $1 at your local Walmart store! Colors I used: White, Pumpkin, Mineral, and Moss.
  • Super Glue. I used Gorilla Glue that I had on hand, but anything will do! You could also probably use Hot Glue, I just figured Gorilla Glue would be a little bit stronger!

First things first! You need to remove all the embellishments and stickers from your Dollar Store Pumpkin Signs! This part was TEDIOUS to say the least, but I promise, it will be worth it in the end! I carefully peeled off the raffia bows and leaves, untied the strings and tore apart the garden stake. I set the green metal leaf aside for later. Then, I flipped over all my signs and removed the stickers. I was almost done when Trev reminded me that they remove A LOT easier when you heat them up. So grab your blow drier and blast them with heat, they’ll peel right up and it will save you SO much hassle!


Also… if the holes are going to bother you, this is the time to fill them. I didn’t even think about it, and ended up having to fill them in later. (We just used a little bit of drywall filler we had on hand, and it worked perfectly. )

Once you have a clean slate, it’s time to paint your pumpkins! You can TOTALLY prime these bad boys first if you want to save yourself some time, but I didn’t have any primer on hand. So I just did two coats of each color. (PS… excuse the rest of these process pics… I was so busy when I was trying to get this sign done and was up at 5 am trying to paint. haha)


Next, I mixed the tiniest amount of the “Mineral” colored paint, with whatever color I was using to make a slightly different color for the lines on my pumpkins. I painted these lines when my pumpkin was still slightly wet to help them blend a little bit better.


Then, I let my pumpkins completely dry. Honestly, mine sat for like 3 days before I had the chance to finish my sign, but I would say a half hour later they will be totally dry!

I also painted one piece of the garden stake while I had my paint out! I used the “Mineral” color for my Welcome Sign.

When I woke up the next morning, I played around with my pumpkins to see how I wanted to lay them out. I couldn’t decide if I liked seeing the stems or not seeing the stems better. Here’s what no stems looked like, in case you’re curious!


I ended up deciding that I wanted to see all the stems, like in the original from Hobby Lobby. So, I grabbed some brown paint and painted those too. (PS… my brown ended up being a mix of the “Umber” color you see in this photo, and the Waverly Chalk Paint in Hazelnut. I didn’t like either color on their own, so I mixed them until I ended up with a color I liked.)


Once everything was dry, I laid out my pumpkins exactly where I wanted them and super glued them together. I also super glued the “Welcome” to the front, and the green leaf (the embellishment I had saved from earlier) to the top. I glued each pumpkin separately and let it dry for about 5 minutes before gluing the next. You’ll probably need to put something heavy on your sign to keep it from popping up on you. I did the most Fall thing ever, and used a bag of my new Fall scented Bath and Body Works candles. LOL


I also glued my leaf to the top and let that dry too!

After that was done, I re-stapled the garden stake to my sign, and voila! The most perfect Fall Welcome to add to my parent’s outdoor decor!


See? I wasn’t joking when I said it was SO simple! I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out, and for only $5, it’s a pretty piece of Fall Decor that didn’t break the bank.

Alright guys. I’m off to work. Fingers crossed today goes by quickly! I’m already so tired! Is it Friday yet?!

I’ll be back tomorrow for another #WhatUpWednesday! I’ll see you then.



12 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby or DIY? You Decide! (The $5 DIY You HAVE To Try This Fall!)

  1. I love watching my children painting pumpkins, I laminate and hang them onto a ribbon. I have also used maple leaves set into a pumpkin shaped and cut faces in to place in our window. I love seasonal makes it cheers up the dull days! I love your tiered sign it looks great!

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  2. This is such a great idea! Have been seeing this style throughout different stores but none of them truly grabbed my attention. Now after reading this article, I can just make my own! Thanks for this great idea and can’t wait to read your future posts

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