Hey Hey! What’s up my friends?! I’m back for another round of #WhatUpWednesday to share with you all the things I’m currently loving in my life!

What I’m Binging Watching

I have two words for you… Jack. Ryan. Guys, I know this show got a lot of mixed reviews because it wasn’t the exact same as the books or something, but I LOVED THIS SHOW SO MUCH. Seriously! I was super skeptical because I love John Krasinski, but just couldn’t picture him as an action hero. I mean, he’s the most perfect loveable goofball ever. But an action hero? I wasn’t sold. But guys. He was AMAZING and I was on the edge of the seat the entire time. We watched it in a two days and already can’t wait for season 2! Check it out here. And if you have no idea what I’m talking about, watch the trailer here. And for your daily reminder that John Krasinski should be your #MCM, look below.


You’re welcome.


What I’m Excited About

I’m super pumped about tomorrows post! I’m collabing with a brand I think you’ll love, and it’s a post that I know EVERYONE can get behind. How do I know that? Because it’s about food. And everyone loves food.

What I’m Looking Forward To

This weekend! It’s the first weekend in forever that we aren’t working or traveling! We’re spending it at home and have a few fun things planned, and I seriously can’t wait! It’s been a crazy stressful week, and I know that a fun weekend with Trev will be just what I need!

What I’m Up To

I’ve been SO busy this past week with work, and tbh, it’s been really stressful. So at night, I’ve been coming up and finishing up a few Fall DIYs that I have prepared for you. And guys… they’re all turning out so beautiful I could burst! (Seriously. Insert a zillion crying face emojis here!) You’ve already seen my Dollar Tree Garden Stake (that I personally think looks like it’s straight from Hobby Lobby) but guys. That’s not even my best one! Just wait until you see what else I’m working on. You’re going to FLIP. Oh. And they’re all crazy cheap too.

What Tea I’m Sippin’ 

Y’all. HAVE YOU SEE THE JENNA/JORDAN BIP DRAMA?! Like, I seriously am so astounded/appalled/surprised/not really surprised/amazed by it and I can’t get enough! Not sure what I’m talking about? Click here to read Reality Steve’s original post, and here to read Jordan’s response. Then click here to read what Jenna has said, and here to see what others involved are sharing. And then get your cuppa tea and sit back ‘cuz I have a feeling we’re no where close to the end of this drama yet, even though Paradise is now behind us!

Me rn. 

What I’m Thinking About

The hurricane. Honestly, I think hurricanes are the scariest natural disasters anyone has to endure. Why? I’m not sure. Probably because I’ve never experienced one, and all I ever see are the terrifying images on the TV. And so today, I’m thinking about all of you that are boarding up your homes, and leaving the places you know and love behind to keep safe from the impending storm. I’m praying for you, and hope that Hurricane Florence changes her path and just disappears into the ocean.

So my friends, what’s up in your lives?!

I’m off to finish up my work day! I’m hoping it goes by quick and painless and that I’m sitting on our deck eating dinner with my hubby before I know it! Have a great Wednesday everyone! I’ll see you tomorrow 🙂



3 thoughts on “#WhatUpWednesday

  1. Working the weekends? Sounds like you have a bit of a non-traditional career … do you mind me asking what you do for a day job? My day job is definitely not something I’d like to do for the rest of my life BUT it pays the bills and gives me the opportunities to travel and enjoy my weekends with friends and of course running!


    1. I’m actually a teacher! I teach year round, and I work a second job during the summer for the Detroit Tigers. I haven’t had more than a handful of days off since last April from working weekdays and weekends too, so we’re really looking forward to life slowing down a bit this fall! I’m glad you have a job that allows you to enjoy your weekends!


      1. Savannah … I totally think you should talk about your job as a teacher. I think that each teacher approaches their profession differently and I would love to hear yours (especially as you teach year round)!!


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