What Up, What Up my friends?! I hope you’re all having a wonderful Wednesday and that it’s slightly warmer for you today than it is where I am. (I had to pull out the winter coat y’all!)

I’m back today for another round of #WhatUpWednesday! If you’re new here (Welcome! I’m so happy you’ve found your way to Savannah Said It!) today is the day I share with you everything that I’m loving lately and what’s going on in my life. So let’s get to it!

What I’m Eating 

Guys… the weather is getting colder and I’m in the mood for all the food that make me feel warm and cozy. Soups, chilis, pasta, grilled cheese. You know… all those really yummy things that totally aren’t healthy. Trev and I have gone a bit off the rails in the “eating good” department, so we’ve been trying to eat better this week. So while I’m over here craving ooey gooey cheesey goodness, I’m actually eating a lot of lean meats and veggies. I’ve never been much a veggie eater, but lately I’ve been obsessed with our veggie side dishes that we’ve been cooking! Would you be interested in seeing what kind of veggies we like to eat with our dinners? Let me know below because I’d be more than happy to share!

What I’m YouTubing

Y’all know that I have a huge love for YouTube. Trev doesn’t get why I could sit and watch videos for hours instead of TV but I’m telling you… sometimes YouTube is even better than TV. I’ve been loving Tati lately and her daily makeup videos. If you like to watch beauty gurus on YouTube and somehow have missed Tati, click here. She’s an OG Beauty Guru and you can really trust her opinion! You will LOVE her! I promise! (I literally watch her when I’m getting ready in the morning or when I’m cooking and I feel like I’m just chilling with my friend talking makeup. But I’m not doing any talking. HAHA)

What I’m Reading

All the celeb news! I can’t get enough of Meghan and Harry and their soon to be royal baby! Eeeek! (Also, I was waiting to see what Samantha Markle had to say too. Ugh. She’s also good for an eye roll… or 4.)  I’m also OBSESSING over this Ariana and Pete news. I mean I guess I shouldn’t have expected them to last… but I was honestly pulling for them.

What I’m Looking Forward To

A weekend in Northern Michigan! I’m heading home on Friday and I seriously can’t wait! Jacksy Cat has been staying with my parents since we went on our mini getaway. So I”m heading home to spend the weekend with my family and pick up our little fur baby! Trev has to work all weekend (boo) so I’m heading up alone. I’ll miss him, but I’m glad I get to be Up North with my family! I haven’t been home in more than a month and that is honestly way too long!

What I’m Thinking About

Trev’s family got some not so great news yesterday. If you pray, if you could add his family to your prayer list I know we’d all really appreciate it.

Alright my loves. This #WhatUpWednesday feels like it was pretty dang boring. I’m sorry! I’ll be back tomorrow with an Autumn Tag that I’m really excited about! I’ll talk to you then.


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