Weekend Round Up

Hey Hey! Happy Sunday my loves! I hope you’ve taken the chance to Get Spooky these past few days, and enjoyed Halloweekend to it’s fullest!

We’ve had a really great weekend here at our house! We mostly spent our weekend cleaning, organizing and purging. (With every changing season we try to clear out the clutter. Our biggest purge is in the Spring. Have you seen my Spring Cleaning series? It’s full of great tips to help you clean all year. Not just in the Spring!)

Our weekend started out really late on Friday. It had been a v. long week to say the least. I clocked in at work at 7 am and didn’t clock out until 6 pm on Friday. All I wanted to do was curl up with a cheeseburger on the couch and destress. So that’s exactly what we did! We grabbed Culvers and turned on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! (OMG Have you watched yet?! We’re addicted! We’ve almost finished the first season. I can’t wait to see how it ends!)

Saturday we were up pretty early because one of Trev’s teams had a lift, and I had some errands to run. My errands included making stops at a few of my favorite stores, like Target, Kirklands and Michaels! I was super proud of myself because I only bought TWO Christmas things even though it was a Christmas wonderland at Michaels and Kirklands! (My Target Dollar Spot hasn’t been graced with the Christmas items yet. Otherwise I’d have bought way too much Christmas stuff already! HAHA)

Trev got home around 11 and we headed to Sam’s Club to do the most adult thing we’ve done in awhile… buy toilet paper in bulk.

When we got home we had some lunch and both took naps. We’ve been exhausted these past few week and it was so nice to be able to destress a little!

Saturday evening we went to Dave and Busters to celebrate my best friend’s birthday! We had the BEST time! Turns out I’m pretty great at arcade games because I had almost 1,500 tickets at the end of the night. Trev and I pooled our tickets together and ended up with two really cool coffee mugs and a bath bomb!


When we got home we watched some more Sabrina (I told you, we’re addicted!) and headed to bed.

This morning Trev slept in (he’s feeling a bit under the weather this weekend) so I snuggled up on the couch with a cup of coffee and the newest Hallmark Christmas Movie! I felt like such a rebel watching a Christmas movie 3 days before Halloween! HAHA

We spent the rest of the day cleaning and organizing with our favorite Halloween movies playing in the background. Seriously, I’ve watched Halloweentown 1 and 2, Hocus Pocus, Twitches and Underwraps. (Disney on Demand was killin’ it guys!)

Now, we’re meal prepping and getting ourselves ready for the week. I’m trying to get all my stuff done before 8 because DWTS Juniors is on!

Can you believe we’re just a few days away from Halloween?! I’m sharing a few last minute Halloween costumes TOMORROW for those of you that have waited until the very last minute to prepare yourself for the big day!

Want a sneak peak? Go follow me on Instagram 🙂 IMG_1678.JPG

Alright my friends, I’m out of here! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow.


PS. Sorry for the lack of photos in this post… 98% of the pictures from this weekend are just of my cat. LOL


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