Weekend Round Up

Oh. My. Goodness. Who else is completely thrown off with the time change? It feels like it’s midnight but it’s only 7:00 and I’m like super tired and honestly, I’ve never related to anything more in my life than this Instagram post rn.


Seriously… I’m so ready for next weekend already! (It’s time for our annual trip to Frankenmuth and we’re decorating our Christmas tree and I’m just really really really pumped! I know what you’re thinking… Christmas tree before Thanksgiving?! We have a good reason, I promise! We decorate it before going Up North for Thanksgiving so that it’s ready to start celebrating Christmas when we get back. And we are always in the Christmas spirit when we leave Bronner’s so it’s the perfect time!)

But we’re not here to talk about next weekend, we’re here to talk about this one!

Our weekend started out Friday evening when we got home from work. Trev had worked late because his Men’s Soccer Team had their last game of the season, and I worked late because I always work late. HAHA Once we both got home we changed and headed to dinner and then to Target because every good date night ends at Target 🙂 I can’t tell you what we got there… but I can say that it was for our Christmas Card this year! Eeek!

When we got home we snuggled in and attempted to watch some Netflix but were both out within minutes. Last week was EXHAUSTING.

We woke early on Saturday to get ready to head to Blissfield for our niece’s first birthday party! We had only planned to go for the day because Trevor had a team lift at work today (Sunday) and because we knew that there were other family members coming to town and there wouldn’t be a place for us to sleep. Trev’s lift ended up getting moved to 2:00 instead of 9 am just as we were about to head out the door. So he decided to pack an overnight bag for us quickly.

We grabbed some Starbucks (yay for Holiday drinks!!!) threw on some Small Town Murder and made the drive down to Blissfield. When we got there we dropped off Jacksy Cat and our things at his parent’s house, changed into our costumes and headed right to his Brother’s to help set up for the party.

We had a great time celebrating our sweet little Emmy! Hard to believe she’s already a year old!!


After the party we visited with his family and crashed on the couch. Today, we woke up early, said our goodbyes and headed home. We had so much to do today! If we’d known we were staying we would have been able to get a few things done Friday night. Luckily, we gained an extra hour and I’m proud to say we used it to be super productive! We grocery shopped, Trev went to work, I cleaned, I made soup, we meal prepped, we deep cleaned our bathroom, started a donate pile of things we don’t need anymore and I finished my lesson plans and got a few things prepped for school this week!

Now, I’m snuggled in bed with the newest issue of The Magnolia Journal and resting up before the busy week ahead of me.

What did you do this weekend?! I hope it was something really fun, and really relaxing!

I’ll be back tomorrow, my friends! I’ll talk to you then!






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