How To Get A Beautiful Table this Thanksgiving! (Last Minute Thanksgiving DIY)

Okay. Confession time. One of my absolute favorite things to do when I’m bored is to get on Pinterest and look at holiday tablescapes. I’ve always day dreamed of hosting my own holiday dinner where everyone’s place at the table looked like it came straight off the pages of a magazine.

But let’s be honest. Does anyone REALLY eat their dinners that way? I mean as stunning as a tablescape like this may be…

Found this image on Pinterest! 

Chances are, your holiday table isn’t going to look quite as picture perfect. Why? Because you don’t go to holiday celebrations to judge your family and friends on how they decorated their table. You go to enjoy their company, be together, and be thankful for the things you have. On one side of my family, we use a cute table cloth and homemade turkey decorations with paper plates and on the other side, we sit wherever we can find a place because there are so many of us gathering together.

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Actual footage of me eating last Thanksgiving. 

And while I can promise you that not a single person would judge you if you didn’t decorate your table, I can say that if you’re looking for a simple way to wow your guests, a pretty tablescape and yummy food is definitely the ticket!

I’ve always assumed that making your table look perfect would be timely and expensive. But guys… it’s SO simple thanks to this cute little guide from my friends at Zola!

Following their 8 easy tips, I was able to create the prettiest table for our Thanksgiving feast in practically no time at all! (Which is v. Important at because the last thing you want to do is spend too much time decorating and not cooking. Because we all know that the turkey is the main attraction!) Using things I had mixed with items that can be picked up for a dollar or two, I was able to transform our boing table into a table worthy of a feast!


Curious how I did it? Keep reading!

I started by gathering up my favorite things I had picked up earlier this Fall that I knew would be perfect for my table. I grabbed my pumpkin plates from the Dollar Tree, my pretty plaid table cloth, and a few of the bazillion ceramic pumpkins I purchased this year. I also grabbed my white dishes, silverware, nice drink ware, and box of florals and greenery.

Then, I pulled out this handy little guide from Zola. I studied it, and kept a few of the tips and tricks in mind as I started decorating my table.


I began with my Fall table cloth that I picked up this year from Meijer. (If you’re not from the Midwest Meijer is like a Walmart but better!) I smoothed it out across the table.

Next, I wanted to add in a natural element like Zola suggested. (I really wish I had a beautiful wood table that I could let shine instead of the table cloth, but we are still using a small pub table that I got in college. We are waiting to purchase the perfect dining room table until we buy a house) Because I wasn’t able to use wood, I decided to “fake” a natural material by using craft paper as a table runner/ placemat hybrid.

Once this was in place, I started to draw out where my guests would dine with a pencil. I measured out a square large enough to fit my plate inside with a little extra room at the top for me to write my guests’ names. When I was happy with how it looked, I painted over the top of it. I had planned to use a paint marker so the lines were neater, but my paint marker was all dried up. So I freehanded it with a paintbrush and some chalk paint I had on hand.

While waiting for my paint to dry, I started to create my center piece. I grabbed as much fall greenery as I could. I used springs of dark and light green eucalyptus, a little box wood, and some leaves in various shades of green.

Then I began nestling pumpkins and mason jar candles in between the greens. All of my pumpkins were picked up earlier this year either at the Target Dollar Spot or Dollar Tree. I thought they worked perfectly because they all had gold stems, just like in Tip Number 6!

When my paint was finally dry, I stacked my pumpkin plates under smaller white plates. I added in a cloth napkin (tbh, I really didn’t love this color, I really wanted orange, but it was all I could find that matched the shades I was using at the last minute), silverware (lol probably should have polished that knife) and luxe looking drink ware. Last, I added a leaf on top to tie it all together.

IMG_2280 2.jpeg

And guys, that’s it! I was done! I’m not joking, it was so dang simple to create this beautiful table. And you can do it too! Don’t be afraid to check for affordable options at places like Target, Dollar Tree, Hobby Lobby and Michaels to get everything you need to WOW your guests next Thursday!


Andddd as you or your friends start to get shiny new pet rocks this holiday season, be sure to keep Zola in mind when you’re ready to create the best wedding registry ever! Click here to learn more!

Alright my loves. How many of you are getting ready for Thanksgiving?! Will you be decorating your tables?! Let me know in the comments below!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a Thanksgiving Travel post! (I’ve decided to hold off on The Poconos until after the holidays.) I’ll talk to you then!


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