Holiday Gift Guide 2018: For Him

Happy Tuesday my loves! Today, I’m sharing one of the most requested gift guides on this blog! It seems I’m not the only girl that has a really hard time buying for the men in my life. Like seriously. They are SO MUCH HARDER to buy for! I honestly second guess most of the gifts I buy for guys, and sometimes, I totally give up and just give them a bottle of their favorite alcohol (which is so lame) and I know I’m not the only one. So, step out of the liquor isle, and into the light that is my Gift Guide for Him. I promise, these are all things the dudes you know will love!! How do I know? Because I made Trevor help me with this one! 

The “Stylish but Practical” Gift

If there is one thing I know about dudes, it’s that they want to look good, but they totally want whatever they’re wearing to be practical. This year, that gift comes from your local Target! I’m not even joking. Target is selling insanely nice, soft, flattering sweaters for men! You can grab them in multiple colors here! (Trev has a couple and he loves them.) Thanks Goodfellow & Co for giving us Nordstrom quality on a Target budget! 

The “Outdoorsy” Gift

For the outdoor lover, why not something that will keep them warm while they’re on one of their many grand camping adventures? Sleeping in a tent is chilly, no matter the time of year. So why not gift these super cozy Woolrich slippers? Whether they’re heading out into the great outdoors or staying at home on cold winter’s night, they will love these to keep them toasty warm! 

The “Fool Proof” Gift

Okay… this gift is probably only 90% fool proof. But I’d say, it’s pretty dang good odds that most men in your life would love a Bose. Trevor literally uses ours everyday whether he’s jamming out in the shower, or listening to a podcast while cleaning up the kitchen. The Bose SoundLinks are amazing because you get the Bose name, without the typical Bose sticker price. It’s small, so it’s easy to move around, and the sound quality is insane. I’m not kidding when I say we use it all the time! And whoever you decide to buy it for will too! Grab their newest micro version here

The “Dapper” Gift 

One of the hardest men to buy for is the Dapper man. You know, the one who always looks better than you and drinks fancy whiskey? (We all know this man, trust me.) This year, grab the Dapper Dude in your life this set of Norlan Whiskey Glasses. Their modern, easy to hold design feature hand blown glass that reduces ethanol burn, making it easy to enjoy his whiskey. Don’t ask me how it works, because I have no idea, I just know that it does! Grab a set of two here, and don’t forget to grab their favorite whiskey to go with it! 

The “Gym Goer” Gift

This year, give the gym goer in your life the gift of self care and recovery. Since this isn’t my area of expertise, I called in a favor to the guy at Cleans Are For Closers, AKA my husband to have him explain why this is the perfect gift. 

“Train hard, recover harder. Unlike popular belief, its OK to take a day off. In fact, resting and recovering are essential to improved fitness, muscle growth, and performance. If you want to take your training to the next level, you need to be including some form of recovery work into it. Enter, floating or cryotherapy. There’s nothing new about these techniques, but they’ve grown in popularity over the last few years. If you’re unaware, floating involves you getting into a large tub filled with body temperature water loaded up with Epsom salts, so much so, that your body will “float” on top of the water. The environment is designed to make you feel weightless and allow your entire body to relax. That relaxation can reduce stress, and help your body recover from training. On the other hand, whole body cryotherapy (cold therapy) is the exposure to extremely low temperatures for a short amount of time. You’ve heard of icing sore muscles or joints, think that on steroids for your whole body! -240 degrees for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes can help reduce inflammation, decrease soreness signals your heart to pump more blood in and out of your muscles to help flush those muscles with nutrient rich blood. So instead of the traditional water bottle or training shirt, get that gym-goer in your life a recovery session from all of that training so they get all the gains!”

You can find these treatments in your area simply by Googling “Cryotherapy Near Me” or “Float Tank Near Me”. Call them up and get a gift certificate. The athlete in your life will thank you. (If you’re interested to see a little bit more, click here to check out the Cryospa Detroit!) 

The “Professional” Gift

The modern professional man always has his iPhone dinging with calls, texts, emails and important calendar updates. But, I bet if you walk into their office, you’ll find random notes written all over with reminders or notes from throughout his day. Give this guy a really nice leather bound notebook. We love this one because it looks classy AF, but you can find more affordable choices on Amazon like this one and this one

The “Kid at Heart” Gift 

This gift is Numero Uno on Trev’s wishlist, and I guarantee any other millennial males will love this one too. Take them back to their childhoods (Nostalgia makes for the best gifts!) with either the Super NES Classic or the PlayStation Classic. Both come preloaded with the games that your bf/bff/brother played as a child and they will love this so dang much! Just do some digging to find out which games were their favorite as a child because that would decide which console you buy. For Mario loves you’ll want the Super NES Classic but for fans of PlayStation games like Grand Theft Auto, you’ll want the PlayStation Classic

The “Traveler” Gift

For the travel lover in your life, get them something to document their travel with. If they already own a GoPro, a gimbal is the perfect accessory that will take their travel videos up 12 notches! Seriously, attaching our GoPro or our phones to our gimbal is so dang easy, and has helped us make some killer IGTV videos! (Have you seen them yet? Check them out on my Insta here.) 

The “Dad” Gift

Grab your Dad the gift that will make his life a whole lot easier… an Amazon Fire TV Cube. It will literally make his TV handsfree, and change his life. Grab it here

What are you buying for that special dude in your life?!

I’m off to try to make it through this day in one piece. (The chances of that happening are v. slim, tbh.) But I know that when I get home late tonight, Trev will have Bucharest waiting for us! YAY! 

Have a great Tuesday everyone. I’ll be back tomorrow with my personal favorite Gift Guide… Stocking Stuffers! I’ll talk to you then. 


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