DIY Hot Cocoa Bar + How I Make My Hot Cocoa!

Happy, happy Wednesday my loves! We are officially half way through the last work week before Christmas! I’m SO looking forward to a few days off Up North with my favorite people. Of all this things I’m looking forward to, I have to say Hallmark Movies, Christmas Cookies and Hot Cocoa with my Mama!

To me, there is one drink that everyone seems to love at Christmastime, and that’s hot cocoa! So this year, while your guests are all nestled all snug in their beds, set up at Hot Cocoa bar worth of the Big Man himself for them to enjoy along with their Breakfast on Christmas morning. (Might I suggest this recipe?! It’s SO YUMMY!)

Below you’ll find everything you’ll need for a perfect Hot Cocoa Bar!

The Cocoa

Let’s start with the obvious… the Hot Cocoa! Head to the store to buy your favorite or make your own. If you’re planning to set your Keurig out on your hot cocoa bar, I’d grab the Swiss Miss K-Cups! But personally, I like my hot chocolate made with milk, not water from the Keurig! My favorite hot cocoa from the store is Sillycow! You can buy it in THIRTEEN different flavors. (Talk about variety for your guests!) I like the Double Udder and Marshmallow Swirl the best! In fact, I love this so much that our pantry is stocked with Double Udder all year round.

Or, if you want to be fancy, you can make your own in the crock pot! You’ll literally find thousands of recipes on Pinterest on how to make hot cocoa, but this one is my favorite.

The Stir-Ins

How many of you like to add a little extra to your hot cocoa? I’m a big fan of the Hot Chocolate Spoons that you can find at most specialty food stores. These ones from World Market are my absolute favorite! I’m pretty postive that they are meant to be used on their own, but I always add them to my already made cup of cocoa. (It makes them extra, extra, chocolates!) Let your guests pick from spoons, stirrers or straws.

The White Stuff

… and no I’m not talking about snow. A cup of hot cocoa isn’t complete without two things… whip cream and marshmallows! I like good ol’ fashioned Ready Whip and fluffy Jet Puffed Marshmallows. However, mix it up and give your guests a few options like flavored whip cream and peppermint marshmallows.

The Toppings

And finally, the best part! The toppings! Let your guests create a cup of hot cocoa as unique as they are with multiple candies, syrups and sprinkles to choose from. Oh and cookies. Cookies always go with hot cocoa 🙂 World Market has SO many choices in their cocoa bar section! Check them out here.

And of course… be sure to add in a few holiday treats!

So… I promised that I would share how we make our hot cocoa! Are you ready? I grab a super cute mug, heat up some milk and dump a whole bunch of my Double Udder in it.

I top it with some ready whip and BOOM a perfect up of cocoa! How do you like to make your hot chocolate?! Leave your recipes below!

Alright my loves. This has been the world’s longest week already. I’m going to shower and snuggle up in bed to watch the Survivor finale! (Although I’m still super salty Christian won’t be winning.) Have a great night everyone! I’ll be back tomorrow.


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