Weekend Round Up

Hey there loves! So serious question… who else HATES Day Light Savings Time? Ugh my entire day feels so off!

Thanks for this gem, Express.

Our weekend seems to have gone by in the blink of an eye, and I’m blaming losing an hour. Like, can we just not do Daylight Savings? Who’s with me?!

We started our weekend with Date Night on Friday night after work. It was my opening Friday so I was supposed to be out early but ended up not leaving until way late, and didn’t get home until after 6. I changed super fast and we headed to the Olive Garden because I’ve been talking about it non stop for two weeks. We ended up waiting forever for a table and then our server didn’t know that we were her table and we waited almost 20 minutes for someone to come over. They were super sweet though, and felt terrible. So they gave us a free dessert which 10,000% makes up for it in my book! We were stuffed though, so we brought it home and ate our Chocolate Lasagna in bed while we watched The Office.

Peep the lamp without a lampshade. Jackson keeps knocking it off in the middle of the night and finally broke it. 🙄

Saturday we were up early to get a workout in and get our grocery shopping done before heading down to see Trev’s family for the night. I was super proud of myself because I made it through two BBG workouts in a row without dying. YAY me!

Also, literally everything I’m wearing is Adidas except my leggings are the Zella Live In Leggings I picked up from the NSale this year. They are the best leggings ever. No joke.

We quickly packed up and headed down to Blissfield. We dropped Jacksy off at Trev’s parents house and then headed to visit with Trev’s Grandma.

After that we headed to my Brother and Sister in Law’s house because we were babysitting our sweet little niece! We had SO much fun with her and she finally said “Auntie and Uncle” which made our freakin’ week! (If you follow me on Instagram you saw the video and know how cute it was!)

Don’t mind my lovely double chin! HAHA

Today we woke up and visited with Trev’s parents and grabbed some lunch with the whole family before heading home. We had a few more errands to run and then it was home to meal prep and get ourselves ready for the week and jamming to oldies on Spotify. (Head over to my Insta stories to see a FANTASTIC rendition of Africa.)

And now it’s time to shower and try to relax before this week begins! It’s going to be a busy one. BUT it’s supposed to be 62 degrees here on Thursday and tbh, that knowledge is getting me through this week. HAHA

Have a fantastic rest of your weekend my friends! I’ll be back tomorrow.


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