Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Happy Thursday My Lovelies! Today we’re talking about one of the most IMPORTANT subjects in the world. It’s more important than politics, it’s more important than climate change, and it’s more important than what Royal Protocol Meghan Markle broke while introducing sweet little Archie to the world. We’re talking about Moms.

Moms are the most important people on the planet. They love you unconditionally, will drop everything to be there for you, are your biggest supporters and best friends. Moms constantly claim “I don’t want anything” or “I don’t need anything.” They’re selfless that way. (At least most moms are.) But let’s be real. If there is anyone on this planet that deserves everything good in this world, it’s our moms. That doesn’t mean you have to buy her designer gifts, send her on vacations and book her spa treatments. It just means you have to spend time with her, show her you appreciate her, and let her know just how special she is to you.

While we should be doing this every day of the year, the most important day to shower our moms with gratitude this May 12th… Mother’s Day! We’re only a few days away. So you best get to shopping!

I’ve rounded up 6 of my favorite last minute gift ideas that your Mom (or Mother in Law, Grandma, Aunt, Godmother, Mother to Be…) will absolutely adore. And the best part? You can get all but one of these gifts as long as you live near a mall.

Here are 6 Last Minute Gifts for Mother’s Day!

1. The Gift Any Mom Will Love // Take a trip to your local Greenhouse, and get lost in the rows of beautiful plants and flowers. You can’t go wrong with a pretty hanging plant or flower or even a gift card to let your mom go pick something out for herself. Worried it won’t look like you put enough time into the gift? Head to Target and pick up a cute watering can and some gardening tools to go along with it.

2. The Gift For The Bag Lady // I know that most Mom’s are bag ladies… why? Because they’re always carrying everyone else’s stuff around for them. So show your mom you appreciate her lugging your things around by getting her a pretty new bag… with less compartments so she can enjoy it all on her own! This bag looks EXPENSIVE but it’s not. It’s also from the greatest store of all time, Target! Snag it this beauty at your local Target store for only $31.99!

3. The Gift For The Candle Lover // Or basically anyone. Because everyone loves candles! You can go for a fancy Jo Malone candle from Sephora, or you can be like me, and purchase 3 or more for the same price from the holy grail of candle shops… Bath and Body Works! I absolutely love their 3 wicks. They smell great, last quite a long time, and there are SO many different scents to choose from! (Not like I have to tell you. I know y’all know this already.) My personal favorite is Watermelon Lemonade (seriously I’ve burned it non stop for the past 4 summers!). I also ALWAYS buy candles for my Mom for Mother’s Day. HEY MOM SKIP DOWN TO THE NEXT ONE RIGHT NOW. (Seriously. I know you’re reading this.) I picked her up a new scent for this Mother’s Day to go along with the rest of her gift. I ordered them a tad bit late this year (I’ve had a ton going on!) and had them shipped to their house Up North! In typical Savannah fashion, I told her she’s going to have to sit on the couch with her eyes closed and act surprised when she opens the box to find her favorite scented candles and mini hand sanitizers again. HAHA Starting today, their candles are buy two, get two free! Bath and Body Works, $24.50. 

4. The Gift For The Home Body // I mean… this gift literally has it in the name. I am obsessed with this book. It’s all about creating a home you love. I highly recommend this book! Grab it at Target ON SALE for only $24!! (This is a steal guys. Normally it’s $40! Plus you can pick up something cute from the Hearth and Hand collection to go with it.)

5. The Gift For The Makeup Lover // Every make up fanatic needs a pretty makeup case to put their treasures in! Sonia Kashuk just released a few limited edition prints at Target and they are SO STINKIN’ PRETTY! I’m linking the “weekender” case because I carry a lot of makeup with me wherever I go. But they have smaller versions too! Pick one up for your Momma at Target for only $29.99!

6. The Gift For The Stylish Mom // Last year, a shirt by this brand was ALL OVER Instagram! (It said Mama Bird and I thought it was the cutes!) This is the one item that you can’t pick up easily before next Sunday (unless you live near an Anthro!) but you can easily print out a picture and give it to the Mom in your life. This is one gift I guarantee she’ll be happy to wait for! (Also, it’s $15 cheaper on their website. $15 is totally worth the shipping wait in my book!) Grab a Super Mom shirt here, the original Mama Bird shirt here and check to see if you can find it at an Anthropologie near you here!)

And if all else fails…. Make your mom a card and spend the day with her. That just might be her favorite gift of all.

What are you getting your Momma’s for Mother’s Day?!

Alright my loves, I’m signing off for the weekend. Tonight, I’m packing and tomorrow, we head home!

I’ll be back on MONDAY with a Weekend Round Up for you!


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