Weekend Round Up

Hi Friends! Happy, happy Sunday. I’m curled up on the couch with my hubby and Jacksy Cat tonight and everything is right in my world! We had the most perfect and productive weekend with my parents and I’m so sad it’s already over!

While my weekend technically didn’t start until Friday, everyone else’s started on Thursday night. My parents made it to our place just in time to see my kid’s graduation!

Awkward photo Trev took of me from a distance 😂 But how pretty is my dress?!

After graduation, we stopped home to change quick before taking them to our house for the very first time! We were so excited to show it to them. We enjoyed our first family dinner at our house on the patio and unloaded the truckload of things they brought down with them! We saved ALL of our wedding presents for when we moved into a house. It was so hard to not use them when we first got them, but we are so thrilled to have them now to help fill our new home!

They also brought us a killer anniversary present… a brand new grill!

Friday I was up early to head to work. But Trev and my parents slept in before heading to the house to get some work done. I was SO SAD I couldn’t be there with them the entire day. I was DYING to know what kind of progress they were making.

When I got out of work, they met me at the apartment so that I could change before taking me to the house to surprise me with what they got done. I was so shocked!!! Not only was ALL the wallpaper and paneling on the lower level removed!! (We’re focusing on the lower level first!) They also got the mirror taken out and a bunch of our stuff that was already packed up unloaded. AND they removed the upper cabinets that were making the kitchen feel so closed off. It looks completely different and so much more open now!

After checking out the house, we headed to dinner at On The Border.

Friday evening we snuggled in to watch Chernobyl and spend some time together.

Saturday morning laid around watching HGTV and having coffee before heading to the house for another day of work! We ended up accomplishing SO MUCH. We got all the walls sealed and ready for skim coating, we got the spindles from the pony wall removed (and the old drywall removed so we can replace it) and the ugly green carpet out! Instead of boring you with the details… I figured I’d just share a few pictures from the day!

Getting rid of the purple paneling!
Getting rid of old glue and mold. Ew.
Sealing up the walls to prep them for skim coating.
Sealing the walls.
Getting out staples so we can lay the new floor soon!
Trev using our new lawn mower! And awesome house warming gift from his parents!
Our housewarming gift from my parents arrived on Saturday too! We got a brand new dining set that is SO gorgeous! I can’t wait to put it up when we get our painting done and new floor in!
Looks like we have a Wilson. HAHAHA

Saturday evening we headed out for dinner to celebrate Trev’s birthday and our anniversary! We headed to Avenue again because we were craving the hummus 😂We had lots of food, lots of drinks and lots of fun!

Posing in front of the new house!

After dinner went for ice cream and then snuggled in to finish Chernobyl. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it! Although, I would skip episode 4. (I did. I couldn’t watch them kill all the animals.)

This morning we woke up and headed to Anna’s House for breakfast before my parents and Manly packed up and headed back Up North. I was so sad to see them leave. When they were gone, Trev and I made quick stops at Target and Home Depot before heading to the house to get to work.

Today we finished two more walls to get it ready to skim coat. That only leaves one left! We were both in bad moods because we missed our extra helpers and were feeling pretty down because we didn’t get as much done as we were hoping to. But my Mom FaceTimed us and gave us a little pep talked, and reminded us that we don’t need to get everything done right away. We need to take our time, and also take some time for ourselves to rest and relax before our work week begins.

And as always… she was right.

So once we finished the wall we were working on, we grabbed some groceries and meal prepped for this week. Now, Trev is relaxing reading a book, and I’m about to start the bath and finally open up the newest edition of The Magnolia Journal!

It’s my first week in my new position at work, and we’ve got a lot we’re hoping to get done at the house before this weekend! (We’re hoping to FINALLY be able to paint!) It’s also Trev’s birthday this weekend! How are we already half way through June already?

Have a great Sunday night my loves. I’ll be back tomorrow!


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