Weekend Roundup (On A Monday!)

Hiiiii Friends! Happy, happy, Monday! Is today the most Monday-ist Monday there ever was, or is that just me? Seriously. I’m drained after today, so I’m happy to be snuggled up on my couch with BIP on writing to all of you!

We had a really great weekend, but we are EXHAUSTED. Our weekend started on Friday when we got out of work. I was the closer, so I got home late. Normally we do Date Night on Fridays, but we were both pretty beat from the week. With all the traveling, recovering and getting back to our daily lives, we decided to just chill at home!

I walked in to our favorite frozen pizza fresh out the oven and Parks and Rec ready to go on the TV!

Saturday we slept in and did our grocery shopping before packing up and heading down to see Trev’s family. We spent the afternoon with our sweet niece and nephew before getting ready for our family photos.

Saturday evening we headed to Wildwood Metropark in Toledo to get our pictures taken. I always feel SO awkward in front of the camera if the photographer isn’t my Mama!

Love this peanut more than anything!

After our pictures we had dinner and ice cream before heading back and turning in early for the night.

Sunday we spent floating in the pool and the pond!

I took a break from floating to snuggle this little cutie!

Sunday evening we had dinner before we headed to a concert! For my father in law’s birthday, we got him tickets to see one of his favorites, Ted Nugent. I literally knew NOTHING about him and had no clue what I was getting myself into!

It was the oddest concert I’ve ever been to, tbh. But I’m glad we got to be there with Trev’s family and that his dad enjoyed the concert so much!!

The concert got done late, and we headed home straight from the venue in Toledo. We were EXHAUSTED when we got back, so our entire house is a disaster, we have no laundry done, and we’re not unpacked.

We’re already looking forward to next weekend so we can catch up on some sleep, relax, and work a little bit more on our house!! We just have a few more little things we’d like to get done, and then I’ll be sharing an update with all of you! (Probably in another week or two!)

Alright my loves. I’m falling asleep sitting here writing this. (Ugh. I’m so old.) But I’ll be back tomorrow! (Hopefully!)

I hope you all had the best weekend, and that your week has started off much better than mine! Seriously. Monday got the best of me today!

I’ll talk to you all tomorrow!


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