Weekend Round Up

Happy Sunday my loves! It is SO chilly here in Metro Detroit today and it’s feeling SO FALL. I’ve got my Fall candles burning, Cheesy Broccoli Soup in the crockpot, and I’m surrounded by my favorite Fall decor. I’m so, so happy!

Thinking back, this weekend was our very first weekend since we moved into our house that we were here for the whole weekend on our own with nothing to do for anyone else! It was AMAZING.

We started our weekend on Friday evening when I got out of work. We were both exhausted from the week and wanted nothing more than to sit on our couch and enjoy an evening at home! So instead of going out for date night, we ordered BDubs and stuffed our faces while we watched Parks and Rec.

After dinner I took a bubble bath, did a face mask and chilled out. It was the most perfect end to my week.

Saturday we slept in and then went out to do a little Fall shopping! Now that we have an entire house to decorate for the season, we didn’t have nearly enough Fall decor. So I told Trev my vision and we went on the hunt at some of my favorite places to grab decor! We hit up Target, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Home Goods! We got quite the haul!

We grabbed lunch while we were out and came home to eat and watch some Michigan football! At half time, Trev headed out into the garage to start working on our wooden beams (to replace the mint green support beams in our kitchen/den) and I started cleaning and decorating for Fall!

Buh bye mint green poles!

When I opened up my box of fall decor I pulled out a pumpkin and instantly started crying. A few years ago, I felt like everyone was doing so great in life and I wasn’t. It felt like everyone I knew was buying houses, getting married and having babies and I wasn’t. My mom and I were walking through Michaels looking at all the home decor and I was super sad saying how I wished I had a house to decorate and I fell in love with this pumpkin. My mom bought it for me, gave me a hug and told me that before I knew it I’d be putting it in my own home. Every year since I’d thought about that conversation and this year when I pulled it out, I just started bawling. I was so overwhelmed with the reminder that two of the things I had wanted so badly a few years ago I know have. I was standing there, hugging my husband, crying in our home, and I was just really really really grateful.

My sweet little pumpkin!

Once I had all our decor up (I still feel like I don’t have nearly enough! I’ll have to collect more throughout the season, especially as we finish up remodeling our main floor and I have spaces that are worthy of decorating!) and Trev had the poles wrapped, we decided to sit down on our big cozy couch and relax a bit.

We started watching Schitt’s Creek, and everyone was right… it’s amazing! (We made it through the first season this morning, and I can’t wait to start season number 2 tonight!) We had planned to sand out beams and stain them on Saturday evening, and make two floating shelves for our kitchen, but we ended up just binging our new show. LOL

Today we enjoyed our coffee on the couch while we finished up season one, and made our grocery list. We went grocery shopping early so we could get home and finish up our projects!

We finished our beams (we love how they turned out!) and our shelves are almost ready to be stained! It’s so nice to start to see things finally coming together! Once we get a few more things accomplished, you’ll get another house update because slowly but surely, things are starting to look so good…and we’re starting to feel more at home!

How were your weekend?! I hope they were amazing!

OH! And before I forget.. I’m sorry I missed my post on Thursday again! I close at work on Wednesday nights and even though I’m always hopeful I’ll have time to get my post up when I get home, sometimes, it just doesn’t happen. So thank you for being so understanding 😘

Alright loves. I’m off to clean up clean up from all the sanding we did, and cozy up by our fireplace in one of our new chairs with a good book! I love Sundays like this!

Have a great rest of your weekend, friends! I’ll be back tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. What is your favorite thing to order at Starbucks?? Also, I hate it when they don’t have the regular straw lids BECAUSE I always worry that I am going to tip my drink over and LOSE my liquid gold! ALSO if you love holiday dishes you MUST check out Pottery Barn they have the cutest pumpkins, ghouls, and skeletons this year! 🙂


  2. That sounds like the perfect weekend! I love chill weekends with my husband. The story about the pumpkin was sweet. I’m so happy for you 💗

    Liked by 1 person

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