Weekend Round Up

Hi Friends! This is the first time I writing to you as a THIRTY year old. Man, I’m actually a Grandma now.

Since I missed my Thursday post (I was too busy eating treats and watching TV celebrating my birthday to sit down and write) I figured I share a little bit about my birthday too! So let’s go back to Wednesday 🙂

Wednesday, I woke up a 30 year old. What a WEIRD feeling. TBH, I wasn’t really feelin’ the whole birthday thing… I’d have rather stayed 29 forever. But Trev made my day special, even if I refused to believe I was 3 decades old.

He had been celebrating me all week, with little presents like flowers, cookies and the entire series of Parks and Rec! We also bought the brand new chair we wanted for our living room and it was delivered on my birthday! It’s so big and so cozy!

I had a long day at work on Wednesday, so I decided I wanted to skip out on dinner at a restaurant and eat pizza at home! Then, we snuggled up in our new chair and we watched the new season of Survivor!

Thursday night when we got home, we spent the evening packing. I was packing to head Up North to spend the weekend celebrating my birthday with my family, and Trev was packing to head to a conference in LA.

We said our goodbyes Friday morning (I was so sad) before I headed to work. After a long day, I hopped in my jeep and headed home!

It took FOREVER! Not only did I get stuck in traffic, but the last hour took me double what it normally days thanks to a crazy thunderstorm. When I finally made it to my parent’s house, I was greeted by a delicious crepe cake, birthday presents, my parents and Manly and Jacksy Cat!

We ate cake and opened presents before I headed to bed!

Saturday we woke up for what my parents called “Savannah Day”! We got to do whatever I wanted to celebrate my day. I wanted to keep it low-key, and eat at my favorite places, visit my grand parents, visit the pumpkin patch, take a walk on the new marsh trail and catch a sunset! It was the most perfect day! All that was missing was Trev.

Saturday night, my mom and I snuggled up to watch some Hallmark channel before turning in for the night.

This morning we slept in, and lounged around with our coffee and some Friends.

We went to Big Al’s for lunch before I packed up the Jeep, grabbed Jacksy Cat and headed home. It took us forever to get home today. We got stuck in construction and FOUR traffic jams thanks to accidents. I didn’t pull into our garage until 6:00 and I was honestly ready to go to bed. Instead, I cleaned up the house, unpacked and showered like the adult I am. (Ugh. Being 30 is the worst.)

And now, Jacksy Cat and I are snuggled in bed with Trev’s flight tracker going, counting down the seconds until he gets home!

I hope you all had the BEST weekends! I’ll be back tomorrow with my Fall Bucket List 🙂


5 thoughts on “Weekend Round Up

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Savannah! I must ask … was the PERFECT Day of Birthday Eats? I know on My Birthday I always kick it off with a HUGE iced coffee from Starbucks, a Bagel Sandwich from Bruegger’s Bagels, Lunch at Panera (keep it light), and then Dinner at Cheesecake Factory before hitting home for my birthday cake (from IL – the only place I’ve ever gotten my birthday cakes and I am 29 years old so that’s saying something! haha)!!


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